Steven Universe: The Return of Homeworld!

When Homeworld comes to Earth, Steven will have to rescue all of the shattered gems so they can fight back! Read about Steven and the Crystal Gems in this Fan-Fiction! (New Chapter every Friday!)


2. Blue Topaz

The Crystal Gems, fearfully, were fusing and aiming light cannons at the ship. Nothing would destroy it! Hours Later, Steven had an idea. He broke Centipeedle out of her bubble! Centipeedle aimed her acidic goo at the ship, but it didn't budge! In the morning, the ship appeared to be bigger than the sun! The gems were tired of fighting it, and Steven needed rest! Once it got over the ocean, something dropped out of it, a gem! The gem pulled out her weapon, a hammer! She repeatedly hit it against the water in a circular motion which seemed to be going as fast, or faster than the speed of light! As she got closer, she slowed down. The gems finally recognized her. She was a Blue Topaz! They had seen them on Homeworld before, but never on Earth! When she got into water she could stand in, she lowered her weapon. Dreadfully, she had gotten to shore, but the gems didn't expect what would happen next. Blue Topaz said "I'm Sorry."

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