**Sequel to Blossom** Fred and George are worried about Kate. She is always locking herself in the Weasley's garage, not coming out for HOURS! When they get to Hogwarts, she's even more secluded, and they never see her unless they're in class! What'll happen when they find out what's wrong, and how will they cope with the truth?


6. Chapter 6

  Two carriages pulled up to the doors of Hogwarts, followed by many others. The doors swung open, the first carriage holding a group of girls that were talking vividly, the second carriage holding a few boys that were talking, not as vividly, but quietly. 

  One of the girls in the first carriage snapped her fingers, causing herself to levitate, out the door, and into a wheelchair that had just appeared. The rest of the girls came out behind the first girl, going towards the huge doors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The boys followed, keeping their distance from the girls. The rest of the carriages pulled in, opening their doors and letting out hundreds of students. 

 Kate rolled up to her assigned spot (a place that didn't have a bench, just an empty spot for her wheelchair) and waited as her friends, Kennedy, Angelina, and Alicia, sat down. Kennedy sat on one side of her, and Angelina and Alicia sat opposite to them. On the other side of Kate, Fred started to sit down, but Kate looked down and whispered, "Fred, please don't." He nodded, then moved further down the table away from them, taking George and Lee with him. 

    Right as everyone in the Great Hall had sat down, the bigger doors of the Great Hall swung open to reveal a swarm of first years, lead by Professor Sprout, heading up to the front of the hall. The Sorting went quickly, as Kate wasn't paying attention to any of it besides the new Gryffindors, including a girl named Katie Bell that interested her. Katie had sat down on her other side and introduced herself after her own sorting. Though before they could start conversation, the Sorting had to continue. 

 After the Sorting had finished, the tables filled with food and the conversation started. Angelina, Alicia, and Katie started to talk avidly about Quidditch, while Kennedy struck up a conversation with a few others about the classes. While all that happened, Kate quietly ate, avoiding all the conversation and eye contact. Kennedy tried to talk to her multiple times, but couldn't get her to talk. She hadn't talked much on the way, and once she saw Fred and George, she instantly fell silent.

   The feast ended quickly, and Kate ignored Dumbledore's speech. Kate's friends exchanged worried looks, and Angelina glared at the twins. Fred shrugged and mouthed, "I'm just as confused as you."  Angelina and the other girls were mouthing conversation, which Kate was oblivious to. Kate was twiddling with her necklace, which was a silver locket.

Ten minutes later the feast was finished. A flood of Gryffindors started to follow the prefects towards Gryffindor tower. Kate turned to the girls and said, "I'll meet you guys up there." Kate snapped her fingers, and she was gone.

 She reappeared in front of the Fat Lady portrait, then looked towards the mob of Gryffindors, who were four flights of moving stairs down, and read the prefect's mind to get the password. Kate rolled in, immediately going up to the girl's dormitories. After finding her bed, she started to unpack all of her possessions, and while she did that, the rest of the girls walked in.

   Kennedy pulled her trunk off the bed and said, "Kate, how did you leave like that?"

 Kate put some stuff in her drawers and said, "I've been practicing successful Apparition with my wheelchair, well, the professors wouldn't really call it successful."

  They all stopped and stared at Kate for a moment. Alicia broke the silence, "You've been practicing Apparition." Kate nodded, and Alicia continued. "Students learn Apparition in seventh year. You're a second year." Kate nodded again as she ignored the staring, laying out her pajamas. "How did you learn Apparition?!"

 Kate pulled a book out of her mini library and opened it. The cover was Apparition for the Confused Soul. "My Mom had this book when she was younger. She had trouble with Apparition."

  Angelina shook Kate's answer off and said, "But Kate, you can't Apparate inside of Hogwarts! Dumbledore has protections up against it!"

Kate shoved the book back onto her shelf and waved her hand as if she was shooing a fly. "Simple amendments to the spell that accommodates the wheelchair and makes sure it's not counted as Apparition."

  They started to stare again. Kate ignored them and took her bathroom stuff into the bathroom, along with her pajamas. After changing, Kate rolled back over to her bed, snapped her fingers, which made her levitate, and got into bed. Her cat Willow jumped onto her, then turned around and fell asleep. Kate set her alarm, put her wand on the bedside table, and fell asleep as well.



 My apologies for the shorter chapter; I've been very busy! Thanks for reading!

         xoxo~ Katie

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