**Sequel to Blossom** Fred and George are worried about Kate. She is always locking herself in the Weasley's garage, not coming out for HOURS! When they get to Hogwarts, she's even more secluded, and they never see her unless they're in class! What'll happen when they find out what's wrong, and how will they cope with the truth?


5. Chapter 5

 Kate rolled through the halls, looking through the windows to find her friends. She went past the twins with Lee, yes, but she kept going, though Lee had tried to call her in (he didn't know that she could see the bucket of water hanging over the door). At the end of the hall, the second to last compartment, Kate looked in to see Kennedy, Angelina, and Alicia talking.

   Kate knocked on the door, and Kennedy came over to open it. "Kate!" she said. "Ok, now you have to tell us everything." She grabbed Kate's trunk, slinging it onto the overhead rack where their other trunks and bags were. "So we've all gotten your letters this summer," Kennedy continued, "and you've had something about your powers?"

 Angelina folded up Kate's wheelchair after she had levitated onto the seat. "Yea, Kate," Angelina said, "though you've sent us letters, they've been very vague. Could you explain?"

  Kate nodded, pulling out her wand, doodling on the windows with it. After a short spell she pulled the curtains taut and locked the door. She took her wand and muttered, "Muffliato," then turned to them again. "Yes, I know they've been vague, but that's only 'cuz Dumbledore sworn me to secrecy about it in letters until I could tell you guys in person." The other girls were on the edges of their seats, alive with curiosity. "I-I....can use my Seer abilities and Legilimency to basically read the future. I can tell what's going to happen and when."

 They were all in shock. Alicia said, "So, can you tell us something that'll happen in a random moment?"

    Kate laughed. "In exactly eleven seconds Crabbe will try to barge in with her friends, but Fred, George, and Lee will come along, hex them, and push them into the compartment across from ours. They'll then come in, talk for a moment, then leave."

   The girls waited the exact seconds, and right at that moment, Dylan Crabbe, the Slytherin bully that tormented Kate, barged in. She smirked at Kate and said, "Maggot, get out of our compartment, or else-", but she blanched and turned a sickly shade of green. The twins and Lee pushed her out of the compartment to the one across.

  All the girls, besides Kate, had looks of awe plastered on their faces. George said, "Oi! What got your hippogriffs in a jumble! Wake up!"

 The girls shook their heads, shaking out of the zone. Kate smirked at them. Lee shrugged and remarked, "Well, we'd best be going." Fred looked as if he'd rather stay, but went along with them anyways. 

   After the compartment door had shut, Kennedy said, "Well, you said in your letters that there was something else troubling you besides the 'future vision'. Can you explain and or demonstrate?" They laughed at that.

 "Sure," Kate said, "but it's...different. My Animagus form has been changing. It's no longer a Yorkie. I haven't specified what it is yet, but I can't really show you, either. Whatever this new and different magic is is confusing. I wish this was easier."

    They frowned, then Angelina whispered, "Have you tried talking to Dumbledore about this?"

 Kate nodded slowly for a moment, then with a confused look on her face, said, "Yes, and no. I did tell him when it started to change, and he told me that it was probably because of emotional changes and the new future vision, or that the Yorkie wasn't the right Animagus and that it had just been a temporary one until I got my future vision. I haven't told him about it actually starting to solidify..."

    Kate had started to trail off, and her hair turned red. "Umm, Kate?" Kennedy questioned, "Your hair's red." 

Kate had kept muttering things, then started to whisper yell. "I mean, I know I have problems, and I know I have weird powers that no one else has ever had, but it's so confusing! Why is it that when I have a problem, everybody takes me to Dumbledore? I'm sick, go to Dumbledore. I'm depressed, go to Dumbledore. I'm confused about why all these things keep happening to me and why can't they just happen to other people, go to Dumbledore! Why do I have to spill out my life story, secrets, desires, and problems to an old man who is known for helping people with the same terms and conditions, when I'm the first person to have them?! He wouldn't know how to deal with it! Can't I just live my life in peace without trying to save the wizarding race for just one day?!"

   When she stopped, the compartment was silent. Alicia said, "Kate, have you been avoiding everyone all summer?" Kate nodded, trying not to look everyone in the eyes. "Have the twins tried to cheer you up at all?" Kate nodded again. "Have you shut them out every time?" Kate looked down and nodded. "Why do you keep avoiding them, then?"

  Kate ran her hands through her hair and sighed. "I know Legilimency, yes, but I'm still learning Occlumency, which is to protect your mind from Legilimency. The twins have been learning Legilimency, and have been making huge strides with it to talk to each other without saying a word. If I'm in the same room with them and we look at each other in the eyes, they try to read my thoughts. I have to try not to look at them or they'll know everything."

 Angelina had her hand over her mouth in shock. "They're trying to figure out your secrets by reading your thoughts? That's playing dirty!" Kate nodded and checked her watch. 

   "Oh shoot! We should change into our robes. We'll be getting to Hogwarts in a few minutes." We got into our robes and packed up our trunks to leave on the train. We put our wands and anything else we needed in our robes and got ready to leave as the train started to slow down.

 Before they went out of the compartment, Kate said, "I'm just gonna warn you guys, this year I'm just going to keep to myself most of the time and try not to be involved with most people, especially the boys. You might not see me much." They nodded, assuming an understanding {yeah, that's English}. 

   The group of girls exited the compartment, trailing through the swarm of students, out the the train doors, following a path that lead to carriages pulled by thestrals. Kate went up to the carriage they were getting into, and the thestral bent its neck to allow her to pet it. Kennedy tapped Kate's shoulder and told her to get in the carriage, but the other girls weren't fazed by the fact it looked like Kate was petting air.

  After a the few minutes of Kate getting into the carriage, it sped away towards the castle, ready for the interesting year to come.

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