**Sequel to Blossom** Fred and George are worried about Kate. She is always locking herself in the Weasley's garage, not coming out for HOURS! When they get to Hogwarts, she's even more secluded, and they never see her unless they're in class! What'll happen when they find out what's wrong, and how will they cope with the truth?


4. Chapter 4

 ***BEEP***BEEP***BEEP***BEEP***BEEP*** Kate groaned at the sound of her annoying alarm. She needed to magic it to sound more peaceful, but if she did that, it would probably lure her into a deeper sleep. She hit the alarm several times until it stopped.

   Fred and George were stirring, but not awake. Kate dressed in sweatpants, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. She carefully lowered herself into her wheelchair, strapping her legs in with the velcro straps. 

 Kate opened Fred's trunk and pulled out a Muggle airhorn (a gift that she'd slipped in there last night, including another in George's). Flicking her wand, she made the room temporarily soundproof. She blasted the horn, causing a huge honk that made the twins jump out of their previously peaceful slumber. She quickly put the airhorn back in Fred's trunk.

Fred got up and strode over to her as Kate pretended to be clueless. She looked up at him, thinking of how cute he looked with his hair ruffled, clothes creased in different places, his eyes still groggy. Kate shook that thought out of her mind and focused on the present. Fred grabbed her wrists and said, "Was that very neccessary, Kate?"

  Kate looked up at him with an obnoxious pride. "No, Freddie. It wasn't."

 Fred smiled and said, "You have learned well, young child."

   Kate laughed and sarcastially bowed. "Thank you, sensei. This has improved my life forever."

 Fred let go of her wrists and walked back over to George, who was falling back asleep. He shook him awake, and George snapped up and said, "I saw a bright light, and then I heard a loud blast!"

   Fred snickered and said, "That would be Kate that you heard with what I would think was a Muggle object."

 "Kate you bastard. I need my beauty sleep." Kate just laughed.

"Sorry Georgie, but it's just my job! You don't need beauty sleep; nothing will make you less ugly. Now that about ten minutes are lost, I will step out of the room with my things so you guys can get dressed. I'd rather not be there for that." She quickly rolled out of the room with her trunk and pets before she could hear a witty comeback. 

     Kate rolled up to Ginny's room, where Ginny was folding some clothes solemnly in the corner. Kate said, "Gin, what's wrong? You're usually really happy!"

 Ginny got up and put the folded pile of Weasley sweaters in her closet and sighed. "I won't get to go to Hogwarts for two years! It stinks that I'll be left with Ron of all of my brothers, and that when he goes off to school I'll be here alone. With Mum! And.....I'll miss you."

  She ran over to Kate and jumped into her arms, catching Kate off guard. Ginny had tears streaming down her cheeks and she whispered through the sobs, "I...don'!" Kate grasped Ginny tightly, choking back tears. 

 "Ginny, I will owl you every day if you want me to."

     "Every day?"

 "Every day if you want me to."

     "Not every day. That's too much. Twice a week would be amazing, though."

 "Then I'll owl you twice a week, multiple times if it's a special occasion. I love you, Ginny. I want you to know that."

     "I love you too, Kate. I'll miss you so much." Ginny jumped off and wiped away the tears, so well it didn't even look like they'd been tears at all. Kate wondered how many times she'd done that before. "Kate, we should head downstairs. Mum will be mad if we're late." They ran/rolled down the stairs and found everyone in the kitchen but the twins. 

 Molly cried, "Where in the name of Merlin are those boys?! Why did I ever think to raise them without good deadlines?" 

   "Shut it Mum, we're right here!" The twins were running down the stairs, their trunks in tow.

 Arthur said, "Boys, you're momentarily late, but I'll let it slide. Now Charlie, if you'll grab Kate's trunk and yours, and everyone grab their own trunk. Let's go, if we leave now, we'll get there only fifteen minutes early."

   Everyone walked/rolled out the door in a short time and put their trunks in the enlarged back of the car. Fred lifted Kate out of her wheelchair and lifted her into the Ford Anglia. Kate forced herself not to blush. She slid into the middle of the seats and the twins sat on either side of her. The rest of the Weasleys got into the car. The vehicle was roomy and they had enough room to move around, but if they would get too rowdy, Molly would start shouting.

   After a long drive, they arrived at King's Cross Station. Kate shook off her hands as Fred lifted her out of the car. To the Weasleys, long car ride = Exploding Snap, and Exploding Snap = burns. Kate made a mental note to get her burn ointment out of her trunk (and she made another mental note to get more burn ointment, as experimenting with Fire Crabs is dangerous). 

   Kate really tried not to make her hair turn pink with embarrassment, not wanting Fred to see her blush. Just because she was trying not to show her emotions to them didn't mean she couldn't communicate with them, but not through her Metamorphic abilities.

  Fred set her down into the wheelchair, putting her trunk and bags on his cart along with his own trunk. He started to push her through the doors, George following close behind with the trunks, and all of the others following him. Molly was passing out tickets to all but Ron, Ginny, and Arthur. Ginny ran up to Kate, jumping onto her lap. 

  She smiled, laughing so hard Ginny almost fell off. She grabbed hold around her neck and swung back up. Fred pushed them through the barrier of Platforms 9 and 10, and a wave of magic came over them. They were pushed into Platform 9 3/4, wizards and witches pulling their own trunks or seeing their children off.

 Fred said, "Kate, do you want to control yourself now, or should I keep pushing you?"

Kate stopped talking to Ginny and turned to him. "I think I can handle myself, thank you very much." George came through the barrier, holding her trunk. Kate grabbed it, lugging it into her lap after Ginny got off. 

 The rest of the Weasleys came through as Molly gave them their last minute things that they might've forgotten. Kate was positive that she hadn't, though. Kate said to Ginny, "I'm gonna go find my friends. I'll be back in a bit." She rolled away, searching for Kennedy, Angelina, and Alicia.

 She saw the three of them by a door, and before she could get to them, Kennedy saw her and started to jog over. Kennedy enveloped Kate in a hug and exclaimed, "Kate! It's been so long! It sounded like your summer was tough." After she said that, Alicia and Angelina were at her sides, talking too, but Kate stopped them.

 "Guys, we can talk in the compartment so we won't be overheard. Can you guys go grab a compartment? I'm gonna go say good bye to my family." They nodded and walked away, carrying their trunks, chattering excitedly. Kate, on the other hand, rolled over to Molly and Arthur. Molly bent down and gave her a hug, Arthur following. Kate said, "I'll see you guys! I'll send letters! Bye!"

    She rolled away, towards the Hogwarts Express, towards the castle she'd come to know, towards the friends she had come to love, and towards the future that she had already watched unfold.

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