**Sequel to Blossom** Fred and George are worried about Kate. She is always locking herself in the Weasley's garage, not coming out for HOURS! When they get to Hogwarts, she's even more secluded, and they never see her unless they're in class! What'll happen when they find out what's wrong, and how will they cope with the truth?


3. Chapter 3

 Kate reappeared in front of the garage. Her few attempts at successful Appartation wouldn't be what the Professors would call 'successful'. She fumbled with the garage doorknob and rolled in, dodging the Ford Angelina and various Muggle objects.

    Kate levitated herself onto the blanket in her corner. She'd customized it after Professor Dumbledore helped her; she had laid down a blanket and made some wooden shelves for things when she was there, but she would have to pack them now because she would leave tomorrow for Hogwarts. 

  After putting an expansion charm on her trunk and laying the shelves and objects in there, she put it on the side. Tears slipped down her cheeks after she realized what she'd done to Fred. Her Legilimency was flawless, and even if she tried to not read other people's minds, it was getting harder and harder as people grew older; emotions get more difficult. She wanted to connect with the twins, but they had secretly been teaching each other Legilimency so they could speak back and forth with words. Sometimes when Kate accidentally made eye contact with one of them, they would try to read her mind. Unfortunately to them, for the whole summer she'd kept her walls up.

  Kate levitated herself back onto her wheelchair. A lock of her hair fell in front of her face: blue. She cursed under her breath that she was having trouble with her powers. With a flick of her wand, the blanket folded and lowered itself into her trunk. She shrunk the trunk, put it on her lap, and rolled out of the garage, wondering what to do about all of her other things, not wanting to face the twins again.

  The door creaked as she opened it. Rolling around the boots and the rusting cauldrons, Kate levitated up the stairs with ease. When she got to the door, she stopped because she heard Fred and George talking.

"Are you sure you're okay, Freddie? You still looked shocked....."

   "Georgie, your humor is infectious, but needed. I don't think I'm okay, though. Kate usually keeps her walls up when she's in a distance of us, but after she opened her eyes when I tackled her, her walls were completely down! I could read her mind for that moment before she started shocking me."

 Kate was now the one looking shocked at that moment. [Italicized words are thoughts] Oh my gawd. He read my thoughts. Oh my gawd.

"Freddie, what was she thinking?! We've been trying for months, and you finally get something! Tell me!"

   "Georgie, calm yourself. It was only a taste of the cake, but we know that the cake is much sweeter than we thought in the first place. She thought, 'Oh my gawd. He just pinned me down. Oh Merlin, he's reading my thoughts. The wall, the wall. Don't let him into your secrets, don't let him in. They're way too important. Not now. Later. Good bye, Fred.' Then she put up her defense. We need to find out those thoughts."

 "Freddie, that's a huge goal. First we actually need to be on good terms with her. Right now, she left after accidentally hurting you. You could see the pain in her eyes. We want her to come back to us, but she's a girl; she deserves her privacy. We'll just see what happens. For now, let's go find her and try to do what they call 'reconciling'."

     Kate used her powers to be like a chameleon and she levitated above where their heads could reach. The door opened and the twins walked out, looking around. Fred said, "George, I think I heard something."

  George said, "Same that, Fred. I thought I heard a person."

 "Mum or Dad aren't that quiet."

 "Percy's in his room and Bill's not here."

 "We're standing right here."

 "And Ron and Ginny were out playing their last games of Quidditch with Charlie."

 {Unison} "So that means.....Kate!"

 Fred looked around and said, "Bloody hell, George! She must've been listening!"

   "Fred, knowing her, she would've been packing up her things for tomorrow when we go back to Hogwarts."

 "So George, that means that she wouldn't've gotten away so fast!"

Fred's hand shot up and grabbed the wheel on Kate's wheelchair. Kate gasped. How did he know?! I've only used this trick once! Fred said, "Kate, your chameleon trick failed. Your hair is white." The same lock fell in front of her face. White. She cussed under her breath again. 

  He pulled her down and she looked up at him, stricken. Dang, the problem with the wheelchair is that they always look down at you, and you always look up. But Fred let go. "Kate, I know you have to pack. We'll leave you to that. You can come join us if you'd like, but I think packing all your things will take awhile."

 They started to walk away but Kate grabbed Fred's arm. "Fred, I'd like to apologize. That was a big mistake. I will tell you my secret, but not now. Thank you for respecting my privacy. I might come out and bring you guys lunch. Bye." She let go and Fred smiled, then they ran down the stairs.

    Kate rolled into their room and started folding robes. Her trunk was sorted into sections: clothes, books [a very large section], potion things, animal things (for Blythe and Willow), and extras. The trunk was about three feet deep and the clothes section was basically a small closet. 

  The clothes were folded/hung, the potion ingredients were in their case, a book shelf held all of the books, another case held animal things, and all the extras were in a box, neatly sorted. Kate looked at her watch. One o'clock. She needed to take lunch out to the people on the Quidditch field. 

Kate rolled down the stairs and found Molly in the kitchen. A giant plate of ham sandwiches (each of them cut in half) and a pitcher of lemonade with cups were on the table, while Molly was frosting some cupcakes with her wand. Kate said, "Molly, I can take these out to them; I'm done packing."

   Molly looked over and smiled, "Oh, that would be great, dear. I'll have you take them out after I'm done frosting these cupcakes. For now you can eat something for yourself. Thanks hon."

  Kate grabbed two half sandwiches, a cup of lemonade, and a cupcake. After chowing down, Kate magicked the lot in the air and rolled out of the house. She went down past the trees into the orchard where Charlie, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny were playing Quidditch. 

 She put two fingers in her mouth, blowing a high, shrill whistle. The twins and Charlie looked down, but Ginny threw the Quaffle through the goal and laughed. The boys looked back, and seeing that Ginny had scored, laughed along with her, then they flew down. Kate conjured a picnic table and put the food on it. 

    They all ate quickly, obviously hungry after playing Quidditch since they got back. Charlie said, "Thanks Kate! Tell Mum thanks, too."

  Ginny squeaked, "Kate, will you stay and play Quidditch with us? You've been hiding and I miss you." Kate turned a bright red and her hair turned her blushy pink. 

 Kate whispered, "I'm sorry Ginny. You could come with me to the house if you'd like, but I don't want to stay out here."

   Ginny smiled and said, "I'll come with you."

George intruded, "Yea Kate, we'll all come with you," and he smirked.

  "What? Why? Wait, no. What?" Kate stuttered.

 Fred said, "We also need to pack for Hogwarts, which you have already done, so you can assist us. Isn't that right, guys." 

   George nodded, and after a second, Charlie nodded and said, "It would be great if you would help us, Kate. But if you don't want to, you don't have to. 

  Kate thought about it for a moment, then she said, "It's OK. Let's go." After walking/rolling up to the house, they all stopped in the kitchen. Ron ran off to de-knome the garden, as Molly told him to. 

 Charlie said, "Ginny, do you want to help me pack?" Ginny nodded and ran upstairs, Charlie following close behind. 

    Fred turned back from watching them go and said, "That leaves you with us, Kate." He smiled mischievously. Kate blushed and rolled up the stairs. 

  When they went into the room, Kate noticed something she hadn't noticed before: it was really messy. The boys followed in and Kate shook her head saying, "Now this won't do at all."

 George smirked again and said, "What? Is it too unclean for you?"

    Kate glared at him and said, "Yes." She flicked her wand, and their small trunks flew onto their beds, opening up. She pointed her wand at the pile of dirty laundry and it was immediately cleaned, and she waved her wand in a complicated fashion. The pile levitated in the air, folded itself, and split into the trunks. The twins watched in admiration. 

  A series of books, parchment, quills, and potions supplies flew from around the room, and Kate waved her wand in a circle repeatedly, the objects circled in the air and after a few seconds flew into their appropriate trunks, sorted neatly. She muttered a spell, and two cauldrons came hopping out from under the beds, running around like eager puppies. 

     Kate looked at the cauldrons and said, "Non, non, petitis chaudrons. Tu dois rentrer à la maison. Vous pouvez revenir plus tard." The cauldrons whimpered but jumped into the trunks, neatly sitting down, then they became inanimate. Fred and George gaped at Kate and the cauldrons. Kate turned back to him and explained, "I've been studying animate school supplies and figured out that cauldrons respond well to French. And I've been mastering multiple languages, including French, German, Latin, Swedish, and I'm starting to study ancient Chinese."

  George muttered under his breath, "Animate schools supplies? What the bloody hell?"

 "I've created another spell. It can animate originally inanimate objects. That means something that hadn't been alive before. I can't animate things that were dead, like humans, animals, meats. The animate objects usually act like puppies, which is adorable, but I have to work on it. Now, where did you guys leave your dragon-hide gloves?"


 Kate laid back on her small mattress, tired from the day's work. She had helped the boys pack until supper time, and after that she memorized her textbooks and practiced spells until she went to bed at nine, which was earlier than normal so she could be up early.

 She laid awake, though, thinking about all the things that had happened that day. The boy she had started to think of more often had read her mind. She memorized her textbooks, which would help her in the future. She had perfected a spell that could animate school supplies, which was a leap towards spells of the future that could make witches and wizards immortal without, you know, splitting your soul. She momentarily thought that she needed to look up horcruxes tomorrow when she goes to the library. 

    The Muggle alarm clock she had read quarter to ten. Kate decided that she would sleep, as there was a big day ahead of her.

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