**Sequel to Blossom** Fred and George are worried about Kate. She is always locking herself in the Weasley's garage, not coming out for HOURS! When they get to Hogwarts, she's even more secluded, and they never see her unless they're in class! What'll happen when they find out what's wrong, and how will they cope with the truth?


1. Chapter 1

Fred and George woke up, looking around for Kate. Fred groaned and said, "Not again!"

  George shot a worried look at Fred and asked, "Why does she keep doing this?"

    Fred shrugged and looked out the window. There were five owls flying through the garage window carrying packages and letters, and then they flew back out, carrying only letters and one package. Fred hit his head with his hand and exclaimed, "Georgie, we forgot! It's Kate's birthday today!" 

 The twins ran down to the garage and tried the door, but it was locked. George pounded on the door and said, "Kate? Are you in there?"

     They heard a muffled sniff and a small voice. "Just go away." 

  Fred said, "If you don't open this door, we will!" 

   Kate shouted, "No!"

George whispered, "Alohamora." The lock clicked open and they stepped inside. Fred looked around and found Kate in the corner, sitting on the ground with her limp legs pulled to her chest. Tears were splattered down her face, and there were the packages and letters stacked beside her. 

    Kate looked up at them and choked, "I-I told you, GO AWAY!" She raised her hand and shouted, "Stupefy!" They flew out of the garage and the door clicked, locking them out again. 


 Kate sighed and pulled the mail over to herself. She grabbed the first package with a letter from Kennedy and opened the letter. 

    Dear Kate,

     It sounds terrible that you're depressed all the time. You don't need to tell me why; just keep that to yourself. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, and I'll see you in two months! See you soon!

 Your friend, 


Kate read through the rest of her letters. They said almost the same thing. Opening her presents, she got a couple quills, some books, and some wizard candy; like Chocolate Frogs, Crystallized Pineapple, and Ice Mice. Kate just sighed again and pulled Willow (her kitten) over to her. Willow purred as Kate stroked her. Willow looked up at her and licked one of her tears away, then laid down and fell asleep.


  Fred and George got up off the ground. They ran back to the Burrow and went towards Molly. Fred said, "Mum, she's not doing any better. I think it's time that you try."

    Molly put down her towel and said, "I do too. But I thought that she would be better by now, especially on her birthday! I'll go talk to her and see what she needs." After a quick walk across the yard, Molly knocked on the garage door and called, "Kate? Do you need anything?"

After a couple minutes of silence, Molly magicked the door open and saw Kate on the floor, crying. Molly gasped and ran over to her. She picked her up and placed her in the wheelchair. Kate just curled up and Molly took her to their fireplace. Molly Flooed them quickly to Dumbledore's study.

     Molly came out next and cleared her throat. Dumbledore looked up and said, "Molly! What can I do for you?"

 She went up to him and whispered frantically. Kate listened in and heard the words 'depressed', 'locked', 'secluded', and many scrambled others. Dumbledore nodded and turned to Kate. He said, "I will have Molly leave, then we'll talk." Molly went over to the fireplace, threw in some Floo powder in, and disappeared. 

  Dumbledore sat back down in his chair, leaned in and whispered, "Kate, can you tell me what's wrong?" Kate, who was still curled up on her wheelchair, shook her head slowly and curled herself tighter. Dumbledore sighed and said, "There's only one other option. Kate, relax your mind."

     Kate felt a sharp pain in her head, but she just calmly relaxed her brain. Dumbledore was nodding, but then the pain stopped. Dumbledore reclined in his chair and stated, "New Animagus form and, if I'm correct, you're seeing terrible, terrible things in the future?"

  Kate's tears fell faster and she nodded, sitting up in her wheelchair. Kate whispered, "I use Legilimency to read the future, not predict. I see terrible events happening in the next eight years. If I'm lucky, I can prevent bad things from happening."

 Dumbledore's eyes twinkled with curiosity. While writing on a piece of parchment, he said, "I want to see you once every two weeks until classes start September 1st, but then we'll have sessions twice a week. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. You may go back to the Burrow."

    Dumbledore passed the parchment to Kate. It was addressed to Arthur and Molly. Kate whispered, "Good bye," and she Flooed back to her home.

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