Life with Jacob sartorius

A girl Victoria helps Jacob sartorius get revenge on the bullies that picked on him and On the way he gets help from Justin Bieber.


1. Meeting Jacob Victoria's pov


he was in a hoodie with black skinny jeans on and a SnapBack California hat He walked up to me with a smile. 

Jacob-can I take a picture with you? He said looking up with a smile 

Victoria-ya of course I would love to.

After we took a picture Jacob looked at me with a sad face

Victoria-do you want to talk about it?i said holding my hand out for comfort 

Jacob-ya thanks.he said taking my hand as he walks with me to a room behind the stage.  

Victoria-are you ok? I asked not knowing what was going on. 

Jacob-no I am not its just bully's.he said with his head down trying not to cry. 

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