Alone and Corrupted

Sequel to alone and afraid,
Myla takes on the mantle of becoming, someone, no, something else.
A death eater.


2. Back Again

I sat in an empty carriage, alone and corrupted, Pansy hated me, Aaron despised me, Harry had other friends, and Draco was too much for me to handle.

I looked out the window, Hogwarts was there, but I couldn't see happiness, joy, not like my first 4 years.

All I saw when I looked at it was corruption and sadness, no more life, but death instead 

The train stopped, in an instant the first years flooded the hallways, but I couldnt look at them, not without feeling hatred towards them.

Then Hagrid the big fat giant, called them over to ride on a boat, seriously, Hagrid was the worst but thank god the other teacher was teaching us until Hagrid came back.

I got on a carriage alone and was about to go when some came on with me. The carriage started moving

Bella malfoy, draco's adopted sister, she had long, light blonde hair and dark green eyes.

I heard she was dating Aaron, pathetic. 

So I said to her, "Bella, shouldnt you be kissing your Boyfriend?"

She smiled and said to me, "Shouldn't you be alone like a wimpy gryffindor?"

I ignored her saying, "love is weak, just like you"

She smiled even wider, mumbling something like 'get a life'

We arrived at the castle doors.




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