This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


1. Red

 "The armor! Why isn't it working?" Cole asks, panicking along with the rest of us.
 "Because.. Your time is over!" The Overlord exclaims with glee. I jump out of the way of the golden tentacles, infused with Lloyd's power, that is holding my other friends in a vice grip. I make a split second decision. One that I know will probably end my life.
 "Support me, guys, for one last time." I say to them, before jumping off of the rooftop onto Jay's legs, which propel me to Cole's then skipping over Zane's and going to Sensei's. I push off as hard as I can, and ricochet into the air as high as I can go, before clamping onto the Overlord's golden armor.  This is the most intense pain I have ever felt. It feels like my insides are being slowly melted.
 "Let... my friends... go..." I say with the last of my ability. This hurts so much that I can hardly hold on.
 "Go where, doomed ninja?" He quiets down, watching my pain with obvious delight as I scream, and my strength nearly fails me.
 "The golden weapons are too powerful for you to behold! Your survival chance is ZERO!" He yells. As one of my last acts of defiance, I say something I had said before. Something that I will always hold with me in battle, even if I'm gone.
 "This isn't about numbers. It's about family." I say. I notice the golden orbs coming back to aid the Overlord in getting rid of me. The lines drop to the ground, and my friends, too.
 My heart is going a million miles per hour, trying to keep me alive for as long as possible.
 "Uhh. He's not letting go!" I hear Lloyd say in the background, though I hardly notice it.
 "His heart! It's going to over work!" I hear Jay yell with fear overtaking his voice.
 "If his heart overworks, he'll die! He'll never survive!" I hear Cole say.
 "Let go of him, Kai! What is he doing?" I hear Zane say with heartbreak clear in his robotically tinged voice.
 "He's protecting us!" I hear Sensei tell them.
 "I... Am a ninja... And ninja never quit!" I struggle out, trying to control my irrational breathing and racing heart. "Go ninja... GO!" I yell to them, before shooting a beam of pure heat and flame into the Overlord's chest, causing molten metal and ash to go everywhere.
 "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU FOOL!" The Overlord yells, staggering back.
 "No, Kai... NOOO!" Jay screams.
 "We have to get out of here, NOW!" Sensei urges them, probably bringing them underground.
 I struggle to hold the beam, screwing my eyes shut, and hearing the sounds of the Overlord's struggle to stop my power. I hear a voice... I don't know if I imagined it... but it sounded like Lloyd... saying 'no' in a heartbroken voice.
 I close my eyes again, trying to clear my head, and ignore the pain... trying to recall what I've done... the friends I've made... the people I've changed... who I've become.
 I remember my father's blacksmith shop where Sensei found me... I was so naive back then. I thought that everything could be accomplished quickly an easily. I couldn't have been more wrong. I thought that the world revolved around me, that I always had to E in the spotlight, and be flawless. I remember meeting Sensei... how I was so rude to him. He saved me while my sister was taken...
I remember my first days of training, meeting Jay, Cole and Zane, and becoming family, learning spinjitzu, fighting the serpentine... fighting Lloyd.
 I remember finding my true potential... Either the life of a human or the fang blade... how saving Lloyd made me realize that enemies can become friends.
 I smile, through the pain, as I recall the wary years, sounds of the dying Overlord and my astronomical pain dulled by the memories.
 I recall defeating lord Garmadon, and the Great Devourer, losing the golden weapons and Garmadon creating the mega weapon.
 I remember turning into kids, and Lloyd sacrificing his childhood to save us from the grundle. What is it that he said?
 "Fair? Fair isn't a word where I come from." I whisper.
 I remember Nya turning evil, and the clock striking zero on the island, and Lloyd defeating the Overlord the first time... How I was jealous  that Lloyd had all the power... that I wasn't in the spotlight anymore.
 A single tear slips down my face as  I feel that I'm slipping out of consciousness. I let go when I use the last of my power to destroy the Overlord, once and for all. And with that, I fall into the unknown.
Hey guys!! I hope you like this story so far! Just to warn you, I'll be trying to update at least every two weeks, but I don't know if I'll be able to keep that promise XD! Thanks to my friend OtakuDemonOfBlue (I'm thanking her so much lately XD thank god for Skype, or you guys probably wouldn't have this story) for reading through the beginning and giving me the okay. PEACE AND PIZZA MY ALIGATOR SQUAD!

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