This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


10. Knives

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 "I don't know!" I say, stabbing my knife into the map, where it sticks out of the table, straight up. We've been trying to find the ninja for days, since they disappeared without a trace 5 days ago. Misako shoots me a dirty look.
 "That. Is. Mahogany!" She clips off every word. I honestly understand her irritation. She's stressed beyond belief because of Lloyd. I hear Sensei sigh.
 "What can we do? We've tried everything." He says. He tries to hide it, but I can see how torn up he is about this.
 "Is Sensei Garmadon still not talking?" I ask. Garmadon has been nearly non responsive since the ninja disappeared. Sensei looks down.
 "No. Not yet. But we must not become disgruntled." He says.
 "Until our eyes adjust, I guess we're only feeling in the darkness..." I sing quietly. I've been listening to that song non-stop since Kai died... no, not died. Disappeared. I sniffle.
 "Nya... I know this is hard for you..." Misako states out of the blue. I turn away from the stabbed map and face her. "I'm breaking down and I've only been without Lloyd for a few days... You've been without Kai for months..." She says. I smile, faintly.
 "I'm never really without him." I explain, turning back to the map, trying to look at it, but the lines don't connect in my brain, and I end up just thinking about him again, and staring unblinkingly at the paper. The sound of shoes hitting the hollow wooden floor brings me out of my trance.
 "Ahem...." A voice clears its throat, waiting to be recognized.
 "Brother!" Sensei says, happily. Garmadon's face remains emotionless despite his brother's obvious delight.
 "I have something to tell you..." He says. Anger flares in my chest. Did HE do this?
 "Did you have something to do with their disappearance?" I ask, suspicious. I know it's wrong to accuse him, but I'm desperate. It's wired into the human brain to finish puzzles with the most logical answers. And Garmadon's evil past fits the description perfectly. He looks at me in surprise.
 "Of course not! But..." He trails off. I fold my arms. "I know where they are." He finishes. We all have various faces, all of surprise.
 "Why didn't you'd say anything sooner?" Misako asks.
 "I... I couldn't..." He tails off. I sit down in one of the hard wooden chairs that sits around our gigantic dining table.
 "Then can you tell us now?" I ask, impatiently. I just want to see Kai and Jay... He nods slowly.
 "They were invited to Chen's tournament of elements." He says. I don't know the significance, but fear appears in Sensei's eyes.
 "What does that mean?" Misako asks. Sensei looks at her, gravely.
 "It means that they may already be dead." He says, sadly.


 I walk through this endless maze of tunnels, with Lloyd's face on my mind. I can't get his green eyes out of my mind. Those little gold flecks that stayed after he found his true potential... his bright smile... his light spatter of freckles across his nose... I shake my head. I can't afford to get distracted, even if it is from my muse.
  I rub my arms through my tattered and torn uniform, trying to get warm. I usually can't get cold, but since my elemental power was taken, I can't keep myself warm like I used to. The low rumble of my stomach interrupts the near silence of the claustrophobic caves. I don't know how long it's been since I had food and clean water. I've been drinking from the puddles, taking the coldest and cleanest that I can find. I can't get sick, but I also can't afford to dehydrate.
 "Fuck!" I hear a voice yell. I run back the way I came, as fast as my tight muscles can handle. I dive behind a large rock that was about 50 meters behind where I was. "How did he escape?" The voice says. For a second, I think that Jay may have escaped, but... "He was in a coma, and he suddenly just sprang up out of nowhere and ran?" The angry voice keeps yelling.
 "Y-yes..." The scared voice of one of my former guards says. I hear a loud 'smack' and know that he has been hit hard. I can also hear quiet whimpering. I wonder what happened to the other guard...
 "What are you doing, shitface?!? GO FIND HIM!" The angry voice yells.
 "Y-yes sir." The guard's shaky voice says. I hear footsteps coming my way. I retreat farther into the shadow of the Boulder, praying to the First Spinjitzu Master that I won't be seen. My prayers are answered when the now injured guard walks past without even blinking in my direction.
 Once I can't hear his footsteps anymore, I crawl out from my hiding space and go the way he came from.
 After walking for another good 15 minutes, I come across a fork in the tunnels, and at the end of the tunnel in front of me is a heavy metal door. I walk up to it cautiously, and look through the barred window. Inside looks to be a factory making... noodles?
 I an see guards standing and palling around, or hitting the other workers. Upon closer inspection, one of the workers is Jay. He looks to have another big bruise on his face: a newer one. I look behind me, just to make sure that there are no guards coming. When I turn back, I see Jay looking longingly at me... or the door probably. He hasn't seen me, I'm sure.
 He looks up, and his eyes widen when they reach mine. He casually holds his hands out so I can see them, and to the guards it looks like he's just stretching his wrists. But he's really doing sign language.
 'Get Lloyd, Cole and Zane and come back for me. I'm no use to you right now.' He says. I nod to show that I understand, and then take off in the opposite direction. I smile despite my morals; I have finally seen another of my brothers, and almost directly communicated with them. It feels good, after so long.
 As I run down the infinite halls, I finally grasp my reality. I could actually get out of here. My thoughts drug back to Lloyd, but this time his voice.
 "I love you." Lloyd says in my head.
 "I love you too." I whisper. "We'll be together soon."

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