This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


3. Cookies

 I'm not following the plot exactly  from here. This is where I make it my own.

 It's been a few months without the fire ninja. A horrible few months. Despite our best efforts to stay together, we just don't feel whole without the spiky haired brunette. We've all kind of drifted apart. Of course, we all still live on the bounty... we all still train... But without our fire, we don't have the power to go on the way we were.
 Jay has gotten himself a game show, Cole is up in the trees as a lumberjack, and Zane is working as a chef in a restaurant called 'Master Chen's'. I'm the only one still here... The only one who hasn't moved on. I can't bring myself to look at his empty bunk every morning, to not hear his ridiculous jokes, and to not feel his optimism.
 My mother, father and uncle worry about me... And the other ninja, too. I can't function without my drug. Kai was my drug, and now I'm going through a withdrawal.
 "Lloyd?" My father places his hand on my shoulder, giving me a once over. "Why are you doing this to yourself?" It's true. I have been neglecting myself... Eating no more than 2 meals per day, sometimes not eating at all. Going days without sleep.
 "I don't know." I honestly tell him. "I can't shake the feeling..."
 "That he's still alive." My father finishes for me. I nod with my eyes closed, still facing the mirror on the back of the bunk room door.
 "What's going on?" Cole asks, walking into the room and wiping his sweaty forehead.
 "Nothing." I say dejectedly, knowing that he wouldn't understand, just like all the others, except for my father and uncle. Cole just gives me a sad smile and walks into the bathroom to take a shower.
 "Dad. I just... I can't go on without him! It's like there's a hole in my heart..." I say, my eyes tearing up. I bang my fist on the door.
 "Lloyd, Kai wouldn't want this." He says. That's when I explode.
 "HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?" He is taken back. "YOU DON'T KNOW HIM LIKE I DO!" I bring my volume down. "He was the only one to understand my pain when I was without you, the one who has saved my life on multiple occasions, the one who has shared all of his struggles with me and me only, and I shared mine back. I... I loved him. And I still do love him, and I will never stop loving him." I say, finishing my speech.
 "I get it. I'll just leave you to it. But the others told me of their plan to go out to dinner tonight at that restaurant Zane works at. I suggest you join them." He says, before walking out of the room.

 *time skip brought to you by vanilla flavored bleach*

"Haha! Yeah I know! That lady absolutely sucked!" Jay laughs, talking about the latest consent ant on his show.
 "Jay, I think only you, me, Lloyd, Zane and K-" He trails off "A-and Sensei could do that course." He finishes.
 "Yeah..." Jay replies back. I just stay silent. We walk through the doors, the little bell jingling.
 "Hello, friends!" Zane greets us, since he had just gotten off his shift he just stayed and waited for us.
 "Hey Zane!" I say, trying to put some happiness into my voice.
 "Let's get some grub. I'm starving!" Jay says. We sit in a booth next to the food conveyor belt.
 "Soo. Guys..." Cole starts nervously. "I was thinking... Maybe we should think about adding someone new to our team..."
 "WHAT?!?" Jay says.
 "ARE YOU CRAZY?" I yell, hurt that he could even think about that.
 "COME ON, KAI IS IRREPLACEABLE!" Zane says exasperated.
 "I care for him too... But now it's time to start caring about this team." He tries to reason, but I won't hear it.
 "Maybe without Kai, there is no team." I say dejectedly. Just then, I hear the little bell ring, and some deep laughter. Jay looks out of the booth toward the desk.
 "Uh, don't look now, but we got trouble!" Jay says. The thugs start taking things out of the register, and throw the cashier into the conveyor belt, laughing maniacally.
 "Okay, now they're our problem." Zane says, and we all get up. I lean up against the wall.
 "Ahem." Cole clears his throat. "Don't you know it's impolite to touch someone else's food?" He says. The thugs look confused.
 "I'd listen to him if I were you. He's no fun to be around when he's hangry." I say. One thug steps forward and tried to punch Cole, but he blocks it with his chopsticks.  I jump onto the belt, kicking bowls of noodles into one of the thug's faces.
 "Okay I admit: we make a pretty good team." I say.
 While we're fighting, I hear Cole say "How can you walk away from this?" We keep fighting, and eventually, the thugs go out the back door.
 "They're getting away!" Jay says. We all run after them.
 When we get outside, the thugs are nowhere to be seen. On the opposite side, however, there is a small shrine looking thing. We walk up to it, and there is a paper there, attached to the wall by a knife. On the paper is a picture of Kai.
 I tear the paper down, and look at it.
 "What does it say?" Cole asks.
 "It says..." I start reading it, and my heart swells with joy. "He's alive." The others cheer.
 "Look!" Jay says.
 "Fortune cookies?" Zane asks. Cole picks one up and eats it, without taking the fortune out.
 "Uh, you know there's a fortune INSIDE the cookie, right?" I tell him.
 "Ohhh so that's why it's called... Ohhh." He says. We all open our cookies reading the messages out loud.
 "You are hereby invited to Master Chen's tournament of Elements." I read.
 "Wait, you mean to say that mister Chen, the same one filling my stomach with noodle goodness, is actually Master Chen?"  Cole says.
 "Secrecy is of the utmost importance. Tell no one or suffer the consequences." Zane reads.
 "If you ever want to see your friend again, meet at the dock at midnight and leave your weapons behind" Jay reads. Just then, the paper explodes, then the others, we all look to Cole, and he burps an explosion, and lands on his butt.
 "Well, at least I know I was invited." He joked, trying to lighten the mood. All laugh except for me.
 "It could be a trap; a trick to lure us in." Zane says.
 "But what if it's not? What if Kai's ALIVE?" Jay asks.
 "We'll just shave to wait and see." I say. I can't believe it. I could see Kai again! He could be alive! My heart leaps. Nothing will stop me. I will find you.

'What the hell happened?'

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