The Split

My deep secrets about the big breakup that devastated us all. This is theirs and my side of the story.


1. New Years

 { Cara's P.O.V }

 Another one of angie's bad new year partys how did i get dragged into another one. Oh no shes coming to say hi.

Angie: hey cara im glad to see you

Cara: thanks angie well let me go use the bathroom ive had a lot to drink

Angie: ok see you later. 

Oh wait i forgot to introduce myself im Cara Smalls, im a single loser who has nyan cat socks. I got to ucla, and im failing all of my classes except for math yup ima nerd.

Angie's new year partys are bad but i go to them for 2 reasons a, Angie is my bffl so i support the hell out of her, b,  its the only way to meet someone without being on a date.  I always wear the same thing ripped shorts a Melanie Martinez shirt and some high tops.


Oh snap the countdown coming on. you know that dumb tradition when you kiss someone on new years thats my favorite!!! 3 2 1 !!! I was pulled into a long deep kiss. I looked to see who it was. it was a really cute guy. 

Zayn: hi im zayn, im sorry if i was kissing you to strong.  

Cara: that ok, im cool with it


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