The Split

My deep secrets about the big breakup that devastated us all. This is theirs and my side of the story.


3. Follow Me

{ Cara's P.O.V }

we're going somewhere hope its cool

Cara: wait let me say bye to my friend

Zayn: Ok

Cara: angie i gotta go early

Angie: why so early 

Cara: ummmm it's 1:25 in the morning and im leaving with a boy

Angie: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here take this

She slipped something into my hand, it was a purple condom its was grape flavored.

Cara: umm thanks, see you later

Cara: Im back

Zayn: Ok

We walked out and went inside his car it was nice a chevy cruze 2011

We drove and then stopped at this retro area.

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