Going to see Justin Bieber was Elizabeth's highlight of her life so far. Until that is- she runs into an unexpected visitor.


3. Wait??- Who?

Most. Amazing. Concert. Ever.

  Justin was flawless and his voice matched.   I felt as though I was screaming since my ears were ringing and weren't exactly up to par.   Nicole and were leaving.

As I pulled out my phone it died. It fucking died!! Can you believe that!? I searched my bag looking for it. I then realized in my hurry to leave I left my charger on the table. Fuck. Nicole was being picked up by her boyfriend and had already left- which meant I was stranded.

I silently cursed at myself and started walking around the arena looking in desperation for somebody to have a charger I could use. 

Unfortunately for me everybody was leaving and nobody would stick around to charge their phone.

I became overwhelmed with everything and just sat down with my head between my knees, tears approaching the rim of my eye. I was screwed. Royally.    
 ​I turned my head as somebody slid down to sit next to me. I thought it was definitely going to be somebody who was going to rob me.

I prepared myself to be held at gunpoint. But I wasn't.

I was sitting next to a guy- short hair that I couldn't see much of since it was dark. As I was trying to focus my tear filled eyes on him he turned to me and my stomach dropped. It was him- it was Justin.

​Justin: What's your name?

Elizabeth: Elizabeth...

Justin: Okay, Elizabeth, that's really pretty, hah, why are you crying?

Elizabeth: My phones dead, I have no charger, and my best friend left and now i'm stuck downtown lost and have no clue how to get home.

Justin just looked at me and used his shirt to wipe my tears that had already fallen down my face. He didn't say a word. He just stood up and extended his hand to help me up.

I actually didn't have a choice because before I knew it he was basically pulling me up Justin: I can get you home, where do you live? He pulled out his phone and handed it to me to put into a maps tab.​

He  watched me carefully as I typed it in and clicking enter. He then looked at the route then clicked his phone off.

Justin: Follow me, okay?

I nodded and he took my hand as I followed behind him.

We climbed into a black van that matched all the other vans that held set pieces. He then explained that he goes in the van to go around low key. And that they put a look alike in the tour bus so the fans don't swarm the vans. Justin: So, did you enjoy the show? Elizabeth: Yeah, it was good. I started blushing at the fact that I was even talking to Justin. I don't think its hit me that it's reality. The van started moving suddenly, and of course I didn't have my seat belt on yet, so I flew against Justin and hit my head on the back of the seat. Justin: Oh god- I should've warned you are you okay?

I nodded yes but my body was definitely not okay. I could feel a bump forming and my head started throbbing. I lifted my right hand to where the impact was and I closed my eyes wincing in pain.

Justin: I'm so sorry here lay down.

He grabbed a pillow and set it on his lap and I laid down. He started running his hands through my hair gently.

Justin: Is this okay or is it making it worse?

I nodded yes and closed my eyes as a smirk grew on his face.


Justin: Hey, we're here.

I got up and looked around. We were at my apartment building. I must've fallen asleep.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry for the inconvenience- I appreciate it.

Justin: It's no problem.

I smiled at him and turned around to get out of the car. I opened the door and looked back and Justin was unbuckling his seat belt. I looked at him with a confused look and he smiled. 

Justin: You're not in the best condition, i'm going to make sure you get up there safely. 

I smiled and nodded. I thanked the driver as we started going closer to the building. 

Justin( to the driver): I'll be right back.

We started walking up the stairs in silence. He was wearing some old sweatpants and a white t- shirt. 

We got to my room and I smiled at him in silence. I started looking through my purse before I realized I forgot my key. I silently cursed myself again. 

Justin: Everything alright? 

Elizabeth: I just- I forgot my key.. 

I put my face in my palms and shook my head.

Elizabeth: I'm a mess...

Then I remembered. 

Elizabeth: I hide a key in the plant at the end of the hall i'll go get it.

Justin: I'll come with you. 

We walked to the end up the hall and got the key that was buried under two layers of pebbles.

As we were walking back one of my neighbors was in the hall. She was very pretty and apparently getting back from the bar. I saw Justin look her up and down and I instantly felt self conscious.  I was a mess. I had makeup running down my face a bump on my forehead and i looked like I was going to die. We kept walking though.

I opened my door and thanked Justin again. He smiled and pulled me into a hug. His mouth was near my ear and he was now whispering.

Justin: Are you sure you're okay? 

I nodded as I breathed in his aftershave. 

We pulled out of the hug and I smiled at him again. It was silent. I stepped back for a moment into my apartment. He looked at me and was still smiling. 

Elizabeth: So, I guess this is goodbye?

Justin: I'll see you again when I come back. 

Great only another year or two. 

I looked down and smiled.

Elizabeth: Thank you again.. for everything. 

He smiled and walked away. I closed the door. 

I changed into a big t-shirt, pulled my hair up, and as I was taking off my makeup I heard a knock. I had no clue who it could be. 

I opened the door and there was Justin standing there again.

Justin: You uh- lost this in the car. 

He held up my lipgloss in front of my face. His face must've been so close I could hear his breathing. 

I looked into his eyes and smiled. He seemed to be coming closer but it stopped when somebody slammed their door down the hallway. 

I pulled away feeling embarrassed and shy. He looked at me and smiled.

Justin: You look ready for bed, so.. i'll let you sleep. Please feel better... I'll see you around. 

I smiled and nodded before closing the door. And just like that he was gone and I was laying across my bed thinking about what the hell just happened and who it happened with. 

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