Going to see Justin Bieber was Elizabeth's highlight of her life so far. Until that is- she runs into an unexpected visitor.


4. "I feel like an object and not a human"

The next morning there was a knock at my door. I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the door. It was about 9 ish and I was dead tired. 

I opened the door and to my surprise Justin was standing there with a bouquet of flowers and McDonald's breakfast in his hands.  He had a wide smile and seemed happy. 

Elizabeth: Come in... you can sit on the bed i need to lay down really quickly...

Justin: Breakfast since it's been a rough night and flowers because you're a beautiful mess. 

I smiled and started blushing. We both walked back towards the bed after I closed the door. 

I sat on my bed and he pulled a chair over. 

Elizabeth: No- really you can sit on the bed i don't mind. 

Justin: No, I don't want to make you uncomfortable.

Elizabeth: I'm really fine, I promise. 

Justin reluctantly gave up and sat next to me on the bed. I turned on the Tv and we both ate our Mcdonald's.

After I ate I started getting tired again- considering my lack of sleep. I leaned back and started dozing off. Justin leaned back after me and moved closer.

Justin: Are you tired?

I nodded before yawning.

He didn't say anything so I looked at him. He was already staring back at me. His hand reached up to my cheek and pulled my face closer to his. I closed my eyes as his soft lips pressed against mine gently. It seemed like forever until we pulled apart. In reality is was probably three seconds. 

I laid my head down on his chest not even realizing what just happened. I closed my eyes, more tired than ever. 


After I had woke up, I went to get a shower and Justin stayed in my room waiting until I had gotten out and gotten dressed. I decided to go with a pair of white shorts and a blue shirt that hung on my shoulders. 

After I got dressed in the bathroom I wrapped my hair up in a towel and walked into my room where Justin was waiting. He was on his phone but when he heard me walk in he quickly clicked it off and smiled at me. 

Justin: You look beautiful.

I smiled and turned away from him.

I heard him get up as he followed me into the bathroom where my makeup was. I leaned forward into the mirror and soon saw him in the reflection. 

Justin: What are you doing?

Elizabeth: I just have to put on some mascara.. 

Justin: I hate girls and makeup

Elizabeth: Alright, then hate me. I love it

He rolled his eyes and put the lid of the toilet down so he could sit on it. I saw him in the mirror on his phone pointing it towards me. 

Elizabeth: Are you..?

He started laughing and zoomed in on my face.

Elizabeth: Stop!!

I spun around covering his camera with my hand. During this process I got a little twisted up and tripped on to him a little. 

He caught me and pulled his phone away from my hand and put it close to my face, this time with the flash on. A smile spread across his face and a laugh soon followed. I looked at him with a straight face and stood up; and walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind me. 

He soon trailed behind me- poking at my sides trying to get a laugh out of me. And unfortunately for me, it did. I started cracking up and pushing him away from me until I stumbled and fell on to my couch. Justin walked over and purposely fell next to me. 

Elizabeth: Fine- you wanna play that game?

I took out my phone, opened snapchat, and started recording him while putting the stupidest filters over his face. He started laughing and soon tried to cover the camera like I had before. 

Without thinking I put it on my story- as I usually did with all my snaps (yes- I'm that annoying person)

I had a lot of people on my snapchat so within a couple of minutes about 100 people had seen it and snapchats were pouring in from people asking about Justin and if it was really him. 

I replied to a couple before getting annoyed by the same questions. I guess it was obvious because a second later

Justin: What's wrong? You look upset?

I shook my head and clocked my phone off. 

Elizabeth: I'm just tired of my phone and everybody on it.

Justin: Yeah, so am I... lets go do something.

I looked at him puzzled.

Elizabeth: Likeee?

Justin: I don't know.. lets go get something to eat.

Elizabeth: There's a little cafe in town

Justin stood up without saying anything and reached out for my hand. I gave it to him and started to stand up. He pulled my arm strongly. I shot up and stood only centimeters from him. He grabbed my lower back so I didn't fall backwards and pulled me closer. 

Justin: You alright?

I nodded slowly- never  breaking eye contact. He closed his eyes and leaned in closer to me. I stood still waiting for his lips to touch mine. Just as they started to brush against each other my phone rang the marimba remix of company. We pulled apart and I reached down for my phone to see Nicole facetiming me. I declined and looked at Justin who was still standing where I had left him. 

I smiled at him and he looked down at his feet.  

Elizabeth: Im sorry she just-

Justin: You're fine.

The phone rang again and I accepted.

Nicole: Girl- My eyes BETTER be mistaken or you're in trouble!!

Elizabeth: What?

Nicole: YOUR SNAPCHAT!! if this is real that means you spent the night with JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER and didn't tell me!!

I looked over at Justin and he was grinning and leaned closer to me as I sat down on the couch. 

Justin: H-

NIcole screamed louder than i'd ever heard anything scream. I winced in pain and justin covered my ears with his hands and pulled my face into his chest.

Justin: Shh, you're gonna hurt her ears and she won't be ab;e to hear me sing. 

Nicole: I'm sorry- I  I uh lost it for a second. 

Her voice was shaky and quiet now.

I laughed and laid my head on Justin's chest. He took the phone from my hand and with his other arm he wrapped it around me and held me close.

Nicole: Are you guys- OH MY GOD YOU ARE!!

Justin didn't say anything so I thought I should before she scared him away. 

Elizabeth: No- we aren't... calm down

Nicole: Oh my god! We need to meet up! Please bring him to the coffee shop!!! PLEASE

Elizabeth: I-

Justin: We'll be there. Wouldn't miss it... But hey.. when we get there no screaming... I wanna keep it on the DL and have a normal day with normal people. 

Nicole: Okay I promise.. I got it out of my system...

Elizabeth: Okay we gotta go, bye see you there in 30.

I clicked the phone off and Justin chuckled. 

Justin: In a rush?

I turned my face into his chest so he couldn't see me blushing. 

Justin: Hey- look at me.

He touched my chin and lifted my face to his before resting his hand on my cheek. He pulled my whole body closer to his, pressing his lips to mine. his hands grabbed my shirt wanting me to be closer- which seemed impossible. 

When we both pulled out of the kiss, I started blushing while he smiled with his pearly teeth.

Justin: You're so cute when you blush and try to hide it.

I smiled and hid my face in his neck

Justin: You're not very good at hiding it..

He laughed and picked me up and threw me over his shoulders before heading towards the door. 

Elizabeth: My purse!!!!! 

He grabbed the purse and walked out the door closing it behind him. 

Elizabeth: What are you doing!?

Justin: WE are going to meet your friend as promised. 

Elizabeth: Can I walk for myself?

Justin: Eh- I guess. 

He set me down on my feet and started running own the hallway. 

Justin: Catch me if you can!!

I chased after him until he disappeared around a corner. Then, I started walking and as I turned the corner he jumped out and scared the shit out of me.

I jumped a little and lost my breath for a second. He then pulled me into a hug as he laughed at me. 

Elizabeth: That's not cool. I don't like you. 

I crossed my arms and moved quickly down the stairs. He followed.

Justin: Hey- don't throw a fit. 

I kept walking until I left the building. Then I stopped and realized who I was with because a few moments later I heard a few gasps and about 4 girls ran over to Justin and started talking to him and asking for pictures. Jealousy grew in my stomach. I didn't understand why. He wasn't mine. I was a fan just like them and I would do the same thing... so why jealousy? 

Maybe because I just wanted him to be mine.. but so did every other fan. 

But not every other fan kisses him like I did?

I guess I had kept walking with my thoughts because I was now only a few blocks from the cafe... and I had no clue where Justin was. I must've left him back with the fans.. oh well... he should've moved faster. Wow.. i'm becoming ignorant. Whatever. 

I walked to the cafe to find Nicole there already in a corner booth waiting for me. 

Elizabeth: Hey!

Nicole: HI! Where is he?

Elizabeth: I don't know

Nicole: Stop joking with me i'm serious.. you know how much I love him!!

Elizabeth: I'm serious... some fans came up to him and I kept walking... and you don't love him you don't even know him.

Nicole: LIke you do? Why do you have to get so harsh? My god.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone.

After a few minutes of silence I look up and see Justin walking in. Nicole's back is facing the door so she can't see him yet. He is so gorgeous, my lord. 

He smiled at me before sliding into the seat next to me. He slid his arm around my waist. It was unnoticeable because he did it so smoothly.

Nicole just looked at him in awe. She didn't say anything for a minute. 

Nicole: oh my god.. hi!

Justin: Hey, haha

Nicole: I think you should sit next to me... she's seen you all day...

Justin looked at me and then moved to the other side of the booth.  As he sat over near her he kicked me under the table.  I kicked back and then a war began. 

We ate and talked. And although Nicole had a boyfriend, she was definitely flirting. But every time I would look down or at my phone he would kick me a little harder than usual. I would look up and he would mouth "Stop" to me. I would then stick my tongue out at him and ignore him just for the fun of it.

Towards the end of the dinner Justin started getting bored.. I could tell. 


We said goodbye to Nicole- she had to leave to make it to a movie with her boyfriend. 

When she left Justin came and sat back next to me. 

Elizabeth: I need a nap. 

I looked over at him and he nodded his head towards the door. I smiled and pulled out my wallet to set out my card

Justin: WOAH no- I got it.

Elizabeth: No, it's really not an issue

Justin: Guys are supposed to pay on dates.

ON DATES? did he just say we were on a date??

Elizabeth: A date? I would hardly call it a date.. unless you and Nicole..

Justin: No, shh it was a half date? I'll take you on a real one soon, okay?

I nodded and got up as Justin set out cash.


We were close to my apartment when I checked my phone and realized I had over 100 snapchats. All asking about Justin. I ignored them

Then I saw something I couldn't ignore. I huge group of people outside of my apartment building. 

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry I just-

Justin looked frustrated and disappointed.

Justin: Why would you even put that out there? You know how hard it is for me already! Did you want attention or something? 

He was raising his voice a little so of course people heard and started running over. He just stood there defeated and not even fighting it. 

I could feel tears approaching. So I left. I pulled myself from the crowd and started going back inside. 

I turned around to see if I could see Justin. No luck. 

I thought I could hear my name but I kept walking. I couldn't stand any more unwanted attention. 

When I got to my room I broke down. I didn't understand what I did that was so wrong? I mean I get I should've said something but he definitely saw me open snapchat AND put it on my story but he still said nothing. I saw the harsh side of him that everybody criticized.


I took a nap crying and later that night I woke up to a notification. It was a DM on twitter. 

"Hii! Are you the girl that Justin was with?" 

I looked in my DMs and I had about 20 of those messages.  

Why would people want to know who I was and how would they know I was with Justin. 

Ah.. I see. 

@justinbieber tweeted "Look at my snapchat and help me find her @... I never got to give her my number or get her social media... help" 

Why? He hadn't yelled at me enough already? 

I ignored the Dm until I saw one come from Justin himself.

"Hey, I need to talk to you before I go- I leave in the morning." 

I opened it and ignored it. 

"I know you've seen it- Elizabeth please"


"i'm leaving- please" 

I finally decided to answer. I sent him my number and he called me. 

Justin: Hey- open your door I'm outside of it.

I hung up and walked over to the door. Tear/Mascara stains faded on my face as I opened the door to see Justin standing there. 

I didn't get any words out before he picked me up into a hug and closed the door behind him. 

I wrapped my legs around his waist and hid my face, embarrassed of how i'd drawn attention to him hours before. So much that I started crying a bit. 

Justin pulled me off of his body and wiped my face.

Justin: No, you shouldn't be upset. I just over react sometimes because I feel like an object and not a human. But I shouldn't have freaked out. You're the one person i've met in a while who made me feel human and not like an object I shouldn't have snapped on you. You make me feel real. I need that. 

I didn't say anything I just sat there in silence. 

He sat on the edge of my bed with me and kissed the top of my head.

Justin: I have to leave for a couple of weeks, but you need to keep in contact.

I nodded and closed my eyes. 

We exchanged numbers and I walked him to the door. His car was waiting. 

Justin: I'll facetime you when I can, okay?

Elizabeth: Okay.

Justin pulled me into a kiss a didn't let go of me for a good thirty seconds. 

Justin: I'll see you soon. 

And then he left.

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