Alone and Afraid

Alone and afraid is about a pure blood witch named Myla, she has been keeping a dark secret from her friends at her school, that she is demented on the inside.


7. The pain of the future

Aaron was furious, he picked up his wand and yelled "petrificus totallass"

It hit me on the back, I felt pain, mental pain, he was talking to me again.

'Use your anger wisley, dont be weak, pick up your wand and fight back, theres nothing to do that wont let me save you, child'

Orders must be followed, I was lying on the floor, but I picked my self up, grabbed my wand and said, "Crucio"

I grabbed my head, my wand dropped, there was ringing, voices callimg me, my heart was beating so fast. I fell to the floor, unconscious, but I could see him, a small, white, vainy face, naked, pale white body.


Then I saw nothing but darkness, I heard muttering, voices all around me. Harry's, Hermione's, Ron's and Pansy scowling.

I opened my eyes, I was lying in the hospital wing, I wasnt sick, I didnt feel sick, I felt weird, like I was ready to go play quidditch or go to class. But one feeling never stopped, the bloodlust.

I was alone in this world, no friends, alone and afraid.

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