Alone and Afraid

Alone and afraid is about a pure blood witch named Myla, she has been keeping a dark secret from her friends at her school, that she is demented on the inside.


4. More than once

That one time thing happened way more, I was only way to charms, head down and crashed into Potter while the stairs. I tripped backwards, but he grabbed me by my hand, I kissed him on the cheek and smiled, but quickly ran away.

I was scared, but that was the first time.

The second time was before potions. Gryffindor boys were attacking me, calling me a traitor. Potter scared them off, I blushed, I was still ruby red all through lesson, how did I know this, snape kindly pointed it out to the whole class, THANKS SNAPE.

I was totally humiliated.

The third time was, the best. I was hanging out reading a book by the lake and potter came up towards me, he sat down next to me and grabbed my hand. We were having a quiet and peaceful time, I leaned my head closer to his, he looked at me.                                                                                                                               And I did it, I kissed him, gave him my first kiss to anyone, he smiled and kissed my cheek, the bell rang, I said goodbye.

I fell into a complete trance, potter was amazing. But so was Aaron, though he never made a move, I still loved him.

I was broken.

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