Alone and Afraid

Alone and afraid is about a pure blood witch named Myla, she has been keeping a dark secret from her friends at her school, that she is demented on the inside.


1. Here

I looked out my window, seeing the sight of Hogwarts was beautiful every time I saw it. I had been seeing it for 4 years yet something about being in castle made me feel like a princess, a funny, slytherin princess.                                                       The window was open and the wind flew through my long, black hair, it was magestic, until the wind blew the hair into my face and got caught on my ear-rings.

Aaron laughed, but Pansy hit him, hard.

Aaron was a tall, dark and handsome fifth year, and the slytherin prefect, absolutely perfect in every way.                                                                                There was a knock on the cartridge, it was Draco and a blonde girl that wasn't wearing a tie or robe, she definitely was to tall to be a first year but she seemed clueless. Draco of course, as dark as ever, too dark, even for a slytherin. He was fourth year like me, but more resentful and well meh.

The train stopped, and suddenly the hallway things were flooded with first years, I looked at a girl similar to me, defined and clueless, it made me feel like I was a first year again.

I stepped out and her the voice of the big wall Hagrid, the school were seriously considering a half-giant. Pathetic.

I walked to the carriages. The weird horse things pulling them, sorry I didn't pay attention to Hagid the dumb, why should I when I can think about Aaron and compare my awesome summer in France with Pansy.

When I walked through the door, Hogwarts hit me with its best part, food. The food was so much better than my mum's cooking, seriously.




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