Estella has grown up being told that she needs to get her family back onto the throne. When her father gets her a chance to do this will anything be the same again?

Authors note: I update this frequently and there will always be 2 new chapters every week (sometimes more). Also I would love to hear your thoughts about this story! If you like it or anything you think I could improve upon please let me know it's a big help to me.

1. 1

This was the happiest I had seen my father in a long time, he was ecstatic. Last week the prince had turned 19 meaning he was now eligible to marry whomever the queen and king chose for him. It was 2 days after his birthday father announced that he was going to try and marry me off to him.

The one thing that my father is good at is persuasion he is part of the kings court and a Sir which was an extra bonus in the eyes of the royals when he went to ask them. In other circumstances Father wouldn't actually care about who I marry, even though I have no choice in it, he just wants to get our family back to being on the throne. However, there was a long line of eligible girls that were probably more pretty and had better abilities than me making it very unlikely for me to be the one getting chosen.

I warily approached my father who was now looking like he was trying to figure out how to dethrone the royals.

"You look happy today" I said trying to make myself seem as chirpy as him.

"Ah Estella I have wonderful news," he closed his eyes briefly smiling to himself before he turned to look at me "the royals," the word was almost venomous "are considering you for Prince Vale." His face was lit up.

"Did they tell you at court?" My curiosity getting the better of me.

"Not exactly I touched the queens arm as she was talking how difficult it would be to choose and saw that it's down to five girls and you are one of them" I didn't know if he could tell that my face drained of colour slightly.

"Father! You can't use your ability on the queen. It could be classed as treason, what if you had been caught"

"It was only a quick glimpse nothing more, so stop worrying yourself."

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