Omg cant believe it!! Kicked out again... Whatever. My parents hate me and have no faith in me whatsoever. I don't blame them tho but now the only school left is a school that is mostly about singing,dancing and the history of music... Guess I will have to go with it, that was until I found out I had to share a room with nr.1 douche


Harry styles


4. 4.

5 min later...

I walked up to our door. You see in the reception it's a cafe and everyone hangs out there but we can't, well we tried for a period of time but we got disturbed a lot so we made the storage room in to are one little man cave. We even changed the glass in to one the we can se out of but no one can see in. I opened the door with the key I have and went in to see all the lads talking about our next soundcheck. They all turned around when they heard me and looked at me with a sympathetic look, except Niall who was smirking. "So how much of a nightmare is she from a scale from 1-10?" Niall said. "I dunno mate... A good 0 maybe even a 0,01" I said wiping that smirk away from his face. "Wait what do you mean?" Zayn asked confused. "Well she's pretty, funny, sarcastic and doesn't give a shit about who I am." I said. "No way" Liam said "anyway we all know Lucy is the prettiest girl in this school!" Louis said a bit irritated. "Umm not anymore" I said quick. "No that's not possible" Niall said confident. "Look guys am not going to argue with you. You'll just have to meet her yourselves. I said a bit given up. And then we kept talking for about half an hour about the next car we were going to buy and about the teaching arrangements and some other stuff. Liam had to leave because he was going to met up with Paul do discuss about some publicity things. When he got closer to the window he said "who is that?!" All of us got up to have a look and zayn followed up with "damnn" and then Louis came after them with "great and other basic bitch" "omg no look at her" Niall said enthusiastic. "Yup that's my roommate" I said happy. "You lucky son of a bitch" Liam said. I opened the door and yelled "Mariana!" She turned around and walked over to me and said "hey curls what up" "oh I just wanted you to meet my friends" I said quick. We walked in and I could feel a couple of jaws dropp. "Guys this is my new roommate Mariana! And this is zayn, Louis, Niall and..."

Mariana p.o.v

"Liam" I said cutting him of. They all stared at me in a weird way and Liam was smirking. "What Hahaha my friend is like obsessed with your one division group thing and Liam is the only name I remembered" "hahahhahahaaahhah one division? No no it's one direction" zayn said "oh well same thing" then we kept chatting about different things for a good 20 min and I was growing a liking for the boys except Louis he was just sitting really quiet sending me glares. Harry noticed that and said "uhh louis what are you doing?" He quickly said "what am I doing? What are you doing talking to a slut like her? She is so blonde I bet she is a stupid ass as well" I got pissed and said "look dude. If you think that my IQ is in my hair colour. then i think you should probably go back to school and reconsider who you call stupid ass" I said sassy. I picked up all my thing and walked out of the door. What the actual fuck. I could hear someone following me but I was to quick for them. I did not feel great so I asked Amber to order pizza in stead and if we could watch some movies in stead of going out. Luckily she agreed.

AN//<3 ok guys this story is a bit dead and I need something to keep writing! Please like this story so that I know that people want more. Because if not there is no point.

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