They way you can trust a person, the way you can belive all the things they say. The way the other person just betray your trust and lie!

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1. One Kiss. Two Kiss. Three Kiss.

He said it.

First time to meet. The first to mean it.

The first to hold around me, with these words in his mind.

He looked inside my mind, he saw me. His sweet words, out of his sweet mouth.

His eyes, he looked at me, as a thing, not as a person. Kissed my lips; it wasn’t okay, to do it this way.

I tried to talk, say to wait, he wasn’t listening. He said: Date me I love you.

No, let’s wait, let’s wait to I am able to say those words. When I said it, he pulls away, to say, It’s not gonna be that way.

I’m fine just being friends, but then it tends, we’re not friends.

One kiss. Two kiss. Three kiss.

He didn’t look. I didn’t want to.

Pulling my pants down. No. He didn’t listen.

He kept on going. He’s pulling his own pants down.

While he’s trying to make love, as it was supposed to be, trying to stick his thing inside me.

NO. He finally looks. Don’t you want to? His pants come back on.

My head is near to explode. All these thoughts.

 Finally words spilling out of his mouth.

Sorry, either were gonna date and make love now or else we’re just friends.

My head. My thoughts. My heart.

They all stopped.

I’m not ready. I don’t know him.

One thing to do, just being friends.


One kiss. Two kiss. Three kiss.

Pull my pants down.

NO. Shuts me op with a kiss.

It finally stops.

He lay besides me.

Looking at me, but then. Then he lifts me up, to sit on him.

I’m on him; he is in no pants, me in my underpants.

Rubbing his thing up and down. Trying again.

Why? Why me?

You’re so beautiful. Everything with you is just perfect.

Those words mixed with the eight letters and three words.

I don’t want to, I can’t do it. I lay down.

He makes me kiss his body; he wants me to kiss him longer and longer down.


My pants back on, his back on, I’m done, he’s gone.

Sitting back, the feeling that everything was my fault.

I ruined it all.

Finally someone, who had loved me, but also disgusted me. 

Lies! Tears in my eyes!

Why can’t I fly, cause he made me cry.

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