The Eighth Avenger

She was supposed to be the very last option. The plan Z for any and all government situations no matter how dangerous.


12. 08 | the mission




"Approaching target area in 5 minutes." Clint's voice rang through the back of the Quinjet causing the avengers to straighten their relaxed posture.

"Would you label this as a rescue mission?" Tony asked sarcastically while looking at Rogers. Steve only shook his head with a sigh before standing up and heading to the bag in which held his suit.

"What's the plan?" Wanda said before Tony could make another famous Stark comment.

Steve picked up his large duffel bag while thinking of what to say before turning around to face the rest of his team.

"Walker said that prison shift change arrives around 10:30, so until then we wait and scope out the area for any signs off entry. They could be coming by sub, boat-"

"I got a helicarrier popping up on my radar about a mile out Cap." Clint cut in from the front of the Quinjet.

"-or helicopter. There's only one way for a helicopter to land, it needs landing pad. That means that Walkers little secret prison is going to have to show itself, and that gives us a 10 minute time window, to find any and all known entrances in that thing-"

"I'll have JARVIS scan it within 5." Tony said cockily while walking towards the front with Clint.

"-Then we split. We take every entrance we can on every level we can. If I'm right, this place is going to be filled with guards ranging from all different levels, so don't judge your opponent by size." Steve cut himself off to glance at Sam in a 'that-means-you' type of way causing Wilson to roll his eyes.

"Once we're in and secured the top floors, we get JARVIS to cut the main power system and head down. Chances are Walker has Laurier buried within the bottom level somewhere. Once we have Laurier, we flee. Knowing Walker she'll continue playing her little role as head of US defense and she'll be having back up coming to rain fire on our asses. Earlier Stark asked me if this would be labelled as a rescue mission-"

"That was a rhetorical question Cap" Stark's voice cut in once again.

"-the answer is yes. Suit up."

The team each gave a nod of understanding before quickly separating to get ready.




"There it is." Clint said causing everyone's attention to land on a small helicopter making it's way in front of them.

The water just under the helicopter began to rumble causing the Quinjet to shake slightly.

"What the hell was that?" Sam breathe out before a large building began to rise out of the water.

"Oh...hello." Tony joked at the large concrete structure.

"How could something that big remain a secret?" Wanda spoke out while shaking her head in astonishment.

"Alright team load up and move out, our 10 minute window just opened, and I don't wanna the bug that gets caught between it when it closes." Cap ordered out, ignoring Wanda's question.

The russian girl only rolled her eyes before heading towards the Quinjet's back opening, with the rest of the team.

"Alright JARVIS got me an entire scan of the buildings structure, this thing is huge by the way. Anyways, it look likes there's three main entrances here, here and here. And from what I can tell there's no heat signatures of any guards near any of them..." Tony pointed to the small tablet in his hands that held the building's blueprint. 

"Three possible entrances to a highly operated military secret prison and there's not a single guard at any of them??" Wilson shook his head at the militarist's lack of caution before looking at Steve.

"Alright looks like we'll need to split up. Wanda and Vision take entrance one here, Me and Wilson will take entrance two here, and Natasha and Stark take the third entrance here." Steve pointed towards all three entrances before glances up at the team for approved nods.

"Sorry Legolas, your bow and arrow won't be needed today, but I'm sure you and your merry men can steal from the rich and give to the poor while we're gone." Tony spoke cheerfully while patting Clint roughly on the shoulder. 

"Oh I will, make sure to tell the cowardly lion and the scarecrow I say hi." Clint shot back while remaining faced forward.

"The wizard of Oz reference...interesting, is that the best you could come up with? Or did Tauriel tell you to say that?"

"Legolas and Robin Hood aren't even the same movie-"

"Guys! Cut it out. We got a job to do. Clint make sure you inform us if you catch sight of any incoming aircrafts or ships. If they manage to cover these three exits, we'll be sitting ducks." Steve cut the bickering pair off before grabbing the back of Sam's suit and taking off.

"Now look what you've done. You've made dad mad." Tony joked one last time before taking off with Natasha as well.

"I'm getting too old for this" Clint breathed out while shaking his head before focusing his attention back on the small radar in front of him.




It was no shock to the team of superheros that the prison was in fact very, very large. What did shock them however, was the fact that there were barely any signs of life inside it.

"Cap we've scoped three main halls, there's nothing here. It's almost like this place is empty." Natasha's voice broke through the combs, making Steve furrow his eyebrows in curiosity.

"They must be packing all their heat at the lower level, it dead up here." Tony's voice was laced with slight uncertainty.

Steve shook his head before looking at Sam only to notice that he was staring straight ahead of them.

"I got an idea. It may not work...but it might. 50/50 chance." Sam spoke out before turning and giving Steve a do-you-trust-me look.

Roger's furrowed his eyebrows even more before looking at the spot Wilson had just been looking. Ahead of them sat a small closet like door with the words 'change room' written on it. Steve thought of what he meant by 'idea' before his eyes widened in realization. 

"Oh no." 

"Oh ya."








Sorry I took so long to update!! Was waiting ot see how many more reads I could get before I was to give you guys another chapter!! Don't be afraid to give the book a shout out or share if you want!!! I'd appreciate all the attention and reads it can get!!!


- Brooklynn










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