The Eighth Avenger

She was supposed to be the very last option. The plan Z for any and all government situations no matter how dangerous.


11. 07 | locked up



LOCATION : 48°52.6′South, 123°23.6′West



Vivan Laurier had been stuck in Walker's underwater prison for a total of 7 years.

Every single day, abused mentally and physically for information that she refused to give up or didn't know herself.

And from what her brain could calculate, that's a total of 2,555 days. 3679200 minutes. 220752000 seconds of intense torture.

Of course no one would ever find out about where she was, or what was happening..and no one would look, cause she knew to Hydra, she would be announced dead...but she wasn't. Though some days she wished she were. 

Helen Walker had a way of breaking people, and she never lost. But when Vivian refused to break and give in to the pain, Walker became furious and locked her away. She hadn't seen her since, she wasn't sure if the old woman was still even alive.

"Laurier, dinner"

The familiar sound of a plastic plate being thrown through the small opening of her cell door echoed off the walls, making Vivian cringe slightly. Eating the same meal everyday for 7 years had made her grow a distaste for any type of potato or chicken. 

She remained still, seated on the small bed with her eyes glued on the guard that stood just outside the see through cell door in front of her. There was no privacy granted from Walker or the guards when it came to Vivian being locked up, the only alone time being the odd 2 or 3 times a day that she was aloud to go the washroom. After that, there wasn't a guard not on sight watching Vivian's every move

"You just going to stare at me all day freak?" The guard snapped at her while adjusting the gun in her grip.

The guards who worked here no doubt knew all about Vivian's past life as Nightshade. And every single one of them had a slight jump or quiver in their step since she got here. They speak violently towards her, talk to her sometimes like she's some type of animal...but Vivian knew that to them, it was their way of pretending they weren't afraid.

"Not hungry today are we Laurier?" He chuckled bitterly at her with a disgusting smirk before leaning against the wall in amusement. 

Vivian simply shook her head in shame as she sunk into the headboard of the small cell bed even more. 7 years ago a man who dare mocked her would loose his tongue, and now here she sat vulnerable and weak to any and all taunts thrown her way. Unable to do a damn thing. 

"So I gotta ask Viv, what was it like working for the ol'Hydra organization?" The guard asked sarcastically while craning his head side ways.

Vivian cringed slightly at the nickname he used, letting out a small growl under her breathe.

Never had Vivian been called by her real name until the day she was put behind this prison door. Mostly because she never knew it. Considering the Hydra masters and agents usually referred to her as Nightshade, and nothing else. But she had always wondered whether or not she had ever truly had a name instead of a title...and when Helen Walker called her by it for the first time 7 years ago, it felt almost foreign to her own ears. The name didn't seem right to her. To her it felt like it didn't belong, but at the same did.

"I see you're being your usual chatty self." He sighed out bored before he began rocking back and forth on his heels.

The movements reminded Vivian of a small child that just couldn't stand still. She felt slight pity for Walker, who had to call these men, US soldiers. Unlike them, Hydra agents were trained to stand completely still for long periods of time, sometimes hours, sometimes days. And if you weren't strong enough to hold out, you were terminated. She was taught that weakness is not acceptable. Some would say the ways were barbaric and inhuman, but to Vivian, it was the right way, and anyone who thought differently, was weak, and therefore, must be eliminated. 

"So where'd ya get that nasty scar on your face there?"

Vivian rolled her eyes dryly as the guard before glaring hard. She hated when the soldiers would point out the large scar that sat just under her left eye. The memory of getting it brought a bitter taste to her mouth, making her heart twist in a sour way. The large scowl on Vivian's face was enough to cause the man to back off the question quickly, playing off the small fear he had by chuckling awkwardly.

"You know those kinds of looks are why we never let you out." He stated jokingly but lost his smug smirk when he noticed the blank look that remained on Viv's face. 'Let you out', reminded Vivian of something you would say to a caged animal...but I guess to them, she was

"All right, all right, silence it is" He sighed while rolling his eyes.

The silence sat for almost 15 more minutes before the sound of a door being opened caused both Vivian and the current guard to look up.

"Wow shift time already? Me and Laurier were having so much fun, what a waste. Be careful Coleman, she a sweet talker" he joked while shooting Vivian a smug look. The guard switching with him only rolled his eyes at him in annoyance before taking the exact same position as the other.

This happened every day at what Vivian could only assume was late at night. One guard after another would strut in, taking the exact same position as the last and the cycle would repeat on and on. Each one took their turn at mocking her with each switch, whether it was questions about Hydra, the scar on her face, or her least favorite of all; "why the title Nightshade?"

Vivian waited almost 10 minutes in silence, for a question or remark to surface it's way through the guards mouth. But when it didn't she looked up and studied him with curiosity. Never had she seen this man before. She was able to recognized every agent and guard that ever worked at this prison, and she knew Coleman...but in all her 7 years of lockup she never once saw the face of this man.


Something seemed off about him. Vivian quickly gave the guard a once over evaluation before letting her eyebrows furrow. She was right, something was off. He didn't support Coleman's  name tag. He wasn't in possession of a gun. And there was a barley noticeable red fabric poking out of the collar of his army uniform.

This man wasn't Coleman and he wasn't here to guard her cell.

And that's when the lights went out.






Bit of a shitty, short chapter, just trying to add a little more suspense to Vivian's character and the events that are about to follow...Will be a little bit more description of her and the prison in the next chapter to follow. : )































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