The Eighth Avenger

She was supposed to be the very last option. The plan Z for any and all government situations no matter how dangerous.


7. 05 | operation nightshade



"So Mrs.Walker, why is it that you've gathered the entire US military leaders of defense at ten o'clock at night in a empty New York bar?"

"I had to fly 14 and a half hours to get here. I was on vacation in Beijing with my wife and kids."

"14 hours? I had to fly almost 22. My niece was having a wedding in Australia."

"Gentleman please."

Helen Walker no doubt, was a disliked woman to all the leaders of the US militia. So no matter what time or place she called a meeting with these men, or why, she always received a fair amount of backlash before she could even squeeze in a greeting.

"I think you all know that I would not call you here, if it wasn't for a wealthy or dangerous cause." She said monotonously before taking a seat at the small table, making the men slowly follow pursuit.

"The reason I brought you all here, is because we've got something big one our hands. Two days ago, my agents found a bug inside of our tech base just outside of Southern Arabia. Not only did that bug manage to jack several military gun and asset locations, it also got a hold of some very important US files."

The men glanced at each other before straightening their posture and leaning forwards.

"What kind of files are we talking about here, Helen."

"Operation Nightshade."

If the room could grow any more silent, the entire group would be able to hear their own heartbeats. But judging by the looks Walker received after giving out the information, she wasn't even sure if their hearts were still beating.

"Operation Nightshade. God dammit Walker! That file was meant to be buried deep within the system, guarded by centuple firewalls...and then a god damn firewall for that firewall! Who the hell could've got their hands on that?!"

The questions that continued to be fired at Helen were enough to give her a headache. So after a few minutes of calmly listening to the worked up group of men, they finally settled down enough for her to get a word in.

"I've taken care of the problem. I informed agent Hill of the little mishap, and she was able to track down the location of the avengers on the condition that it remains off the records."

"You have the location on the worlds most wanted criminals and you agreed to keep it 'off the records'? Have you lost your god damn mind Walker?!"

"Mr.Barren please. You and me both know that these men and woman are not criminals. So let's stop pretending that we're above their level of strength and intelligence. Look, I had no other choice. You know what sort of measures must be taken for this." 

"Operation Nightshade was a program that should've been destroyed years ago. We agreed to that, that was our plan."

"Gentlemen, I'd like to propose one last offer to the table. It's taken some work, but I finally have what we need. The worst of the worst."


"Let's just say I put her in a hole, and threw away the hole."


"You know who Mr.Barren."

The look on Helen Walkers face sent a shiver down the men's backs at the thought of the person she was talking about. She didn't need to say a word, she was right. They knew exactly who.


"Not impossible Mr. Grayson, just very hard."

"There are rumors, that she has some....abilities"

"Oh ya, I've seen some things...I want her to assemble with a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet, cause I think she can do some good."

"Oh no Helen, you are not pitching your little Task Force Z project to us again. I'm not buying whatever the hell your trying to sell...and I think I can speak for all the men in the room here when I say, they're not either."

"Well Mr. Clay, you are not all the men in the room, so there for you cannot speak for all of them. Gentleman, do you know what the problem with a metahuman is? The human part. We got lucky with Thor, he shared our values. But the next Thor might not."

"You're playing with fire Walker."

"No Mr.Barren, I'm fighting fire with fire."

The room went dead silent. Walker knew she had the men right where she wanted them, so she continued to push.

"This girl, she can do incredible things. But like a dog, she was raised in the wrong family, to follow the wrong values, to do the wrong things. I believe that the avengers will be able to change her, just as they did the Winter Soldier."

"Helen, we can't have this girl and this team operating out there,under our names. She's a bad guy. And to half the world, so are they."

"Exactly. And if anything goes wrong we blame her, we have plausible deniability. Mr. Grayson, we run them covertly non-attributed, strictly need to know. And if things go south, we throw her under the bus. The next war is coming, whether it's years away, or months. We know there's life out there, way beyond our intelligence, and they know we're here too. They could be watching us right now, like a lion hunting it's prey...waiting to attack."

"What makes you think you can control her?"

The question took Helen by surprise. But after a few seconds of thinking, she finally settled on a suitable answer.

"Because getting people to act against their own self interest is what the avengers do for a living."

Helen Walker knew right then, that she had sold the entire US military Defense. Now she just needed the Avengers.














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