What can a 14 year old girl do?

A little collection of the things that's on my mind...


3. Wishing I was invisible...

I reach out for the doorknob. I turn it and walk out into the street. As I slowly close the door behind me I can feel the soft Autumn breeze against my warm skin. I walk down the stairs and on to the pavement. I can hear my ankle boots tapping against the hard ground. I see people walking in my direction and immediately I look down and grab tight around my over the shoulder purse. My heart begins to beat faster and faster and I feel like I can't breathe.

It all seems so stupid now!

The matching blubbery red tights and scarf. The black trench coat and the polished black ankle boots. All the time I spend in front of the mirror curling my hair and all the time I spend on applying the perfect makeup.

So stupid!

Why would I do that when the first thing I do when I walk out in public is wishing I was invincible...

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