Can You Feel The Love Tonight (A septiplier fanfiction)

When Mark is playing a horror game all alone, he hears a lone knock on his door and goes in attack mode. But, when his "attacker" is his crying best friend, what will he do?


1. A Knock

Mark jumped from his chair with a scream at the knock at his door. He had been playing 'Welcome To The Game' and thought he was going to be kidnapped. He had been recording and he looked at his camera strangely before gracefully lifting his muscular body from his chair and removing his headphones, smoothing down his red hair. He creeped silently down the hall to the front door. Not knowing what to expect, he paused to grab a baseball bat from his hall closet. The person knocked lightly again and Mark could hear a small shuffling noise behind the door. He tightened his grip on the bat and swung open his door, bringing the bat above his head swiftly, ready to attack whoever was there.

"Jack?" He questioned, dropping the bat as he looked at the bright green hair on the short gentleman standing at his door with a small suitcase and red face, eyes closed in an attempt to hold back tears. The shorter man sniffled and opened his eyes to look at Mark.

"Hey Mark, I'm sorry I didn't warn ye I was comin'. I just kind of hopped on a plane here. I didn't really know where else to go, I just needed someone to talk to..." His sentence drifted off as though it wasn't finished. "I also kinda need a place to stay for a bit, if you don't mind." He smiled at Mark sheepishly. Mark's face softened.

"It's fine. Can I ask why you need a place to stay?"

Jack wiped a tear from his cheek and began to explain. "My rent check got lost so they had to kick me out for the time bein' because I wasn't going t' pay for my rent twice and when I went to my girlfriend's we had this big argument about me being so stubborn all the time and she broke up with me. I had nowhere else to go so I came here. I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all. It's actually has been a bit lonely since Amy went to go visit her parents. I decided to stay here so I wouldn't have to prepare a dozen videos." Jack nodded.

"Understandable." He then turned his attention to the bat that Mark had dropped. "What's with the bat?"

"Oh, I uh... I was playing 'Welcome To The Game'... You know how that turns out."

"Yeh. I do know." Jack laughed. Mark moved out of the doorway to let Jack in.

"After you. May I help you with your bags?" Mark asked formally, trying to mimic how Jack would be like if he had ended up working in a hotel like he had gone to school for. Jack giggled, his depressed mood lifting off him and floating into a nonexistent abyss. "So, uh, can I get you anything? Coffee or something?" Mark said, taking Jack's bag from him. He rolled the bag to the entrance of the hall and left it there for later. Jack looked around the house to make sure it was the same as the last time he had been there.

"Yeah, coffee sounds great!" Jack said. He wanted to get back into his usual perky mood and coffee usually helped with that. Mark nodded and started up the coffee machine.

"Do you think I could go finish up my recording real quick?" Mark asked, not wanting to upset his fragile guest.

"That's fine." The Irishman said with a smile as he flopped onto the couch and covered his eyes with his arm.

"I thought you didn't sleep?" Mark said questioningly with a wink. Jack laughed his silly laugh once again.

"Go record ya big lug." Mark tittered quietly and went back to his recording room. Editing this would be a pain but Mark didn't mind too much. He finished the game with his usual outro and turned off his computer for the time being. He went back out to the living room to see Jack snoring the living heck out of himself on Mark's couch. He smiled and grabbed the coffee cup, bringing it over to the snoring figure on his couch, waving it under his guest's nose.

"Jaaack, wake uuuuuppp." Mark said in a creepy voice. Jack opened his eyes slowly and saw the cup of coffee. He sat up immediately to drink it. Mark flopped on the couch next to him and turned on the T.V., flipping to a channel they might enjoy. After seeing nothing good on, Mark turned to Jack. "You hungry? This really cool diner opened up down the street but I haven't had the pleasure of going there yet. Wanna try it out?" Jack thought about this for a second then nodded swiftly. He slurped up the rest of his coffee.

"Can I change real quick though?" Mark nodded and took the coffee cup from the now energetic man to put in the dishwasher. Jack disappeared down the hall before reappearing. "Which one is my room?" Mark looked up from his task.

"Second door on the left." Jack nodded and dragged his suitcase down the hall to change. Mark started the mostly full dishwasher and checked his appearance in the mirror. He smoothed his bright red hair down again and checked his blue flannel with a white t-shirt underneath and jeans. He also had socks on his feet so he could slide a pair of sneakers on. He did so as he waited for Jack. Mark grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys and shoved them in his pockets just as Jack came out of the guest room with his blue long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans on, the sleeves on the shirt pushed up to his elbows. He had on converse sneakers and a beanie that had been carefully placed on his "septic green" hair. "Ready to go?" Asked Mark as he looked over the pale man.

"Yup!" Jack bounded to the door before flinging it open again and leaping into the hot L.A. sun. "Let's a go!" He said in an attempt to sound like Mario. Mark walked out of his house and shut the door behind him before doing his best Mario leap. The two men laughed as they slowed and began to walk off the property to the diner. Mark tried to find something to talk about to fill the silence that had settled over the two. He looked around and spotted the diner not too far away.

"There it is." He said, tapping Jack on the shoulder and pointing in the direction of the new diner. Jack grabbed Mark's hand and pulled him forward, now running to the scent of food drifting teasingly through the air. They were there in an instant and Jack pulled Mark inside as Mark tried to catch his breath. Jack was too hyped.

"Table for two?" Asked the hostess with a smile. Jack nodded and she picked up two menus and led the boys to their table. It was a booth so Jack slid into one side with a weird sway of his body. The hostess held back a giggle. "You waitress will be here soon." She walked back to the maitre'd podium, still trying to compose herself. Mark slid into the booth seat opposite of Jack and looked at the menu meticulously. A young woman in a waitress uniform walked over to them with a huge smile on her face.

"Hi! I'm Kelsie and I'll be your server today." She said, just as energetic as Jack. "Can I start you guys off with something to drink?" 

"I'll have the pink lemonade." Jack said, returning her smile.

"Me too." Mark said simply as he looked over his menu for something to eat.

"Okay! I'll be right back with those." Kelsie said in her excited manner. Jack laughed at the girls energy.

"Ya think she knows who we are?" He asked. Mark smiled.

"I dunno. Seems a little iffy." Mark said sarcastically. Jack shushed him as Kelsie came back with their lemonades.

"Ready to order or do you need a little more time to look at the menu?" The boys exchanged a look.

"I think we're ready." Mark said, putting his menu down. Kelsie nodded and poised her pencil, ready to write down their orders. "I'll have the double cheeseburger with a side of fries."

"And I'll have the strawberry Belgian waffle with a side of home fries please." Jack took a deep sip of his lemonade and handed Kelsie his menu. She nodded.

"Okay, I'll be back with your orders soon." She bounded off once again and the boys looked at each other.

"So, how've you been?" Jack asked.

"Pretty good. Like I said, a little lonely so your visit was actually pretty well timed." Jack nodded.

"When's Amy supposed to be getting back?"

"A couple of weeks. She had an uncle die not too long ago and her mom was pretty close with him so she needed the comfort." Jack frowned.

"That's so sad." Mark nodded sadly but then their food came out to their table.

"Okay, here you go Jack, your Belgian waffle with a side of home fries. And here Mark, your double cheeseburger with fries. Let me know if you need anything!" She walked off to help another table and the boys raised their eyebrows.

"I'm gonna bet that she knows us." Jack said, trying to laugh off the sadness over the table.

"Yep..." Mark said with a small nod.

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