My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


1. Prologue

"Emma? The doctor will see you now." The dark haired receptionist smiles at me and I thank her and gather my purse, coat, and composure before I walk across the tiled floor into the now open door. 
"Hello Emma, please, take a seat." Dr. Jones says, getting up from her desk and making her way around it.
"Hello Dr. Jones." I say, sitting on her leather couch and setting my purse on the floor.
"We should get started then." She says and I nod, lying back so my head meets the firm throw pillow and my feet hang over the arm of the couch. "How has your medication been treating you?" She asks and I stare up at the paneled ceiling and hug my coat to my stomach.
"It's as if nothing has changed. He still haunts my dreams. The dreams keep getting worse, he keeps getting closer and closer." I shake my head, feeling the tears collecting. "He caused so much damage, so much death." I look over at her and there is a glint in her lens that looks like Liam's figure. "I am having hallucinations beyond belief." I say quietly, looking back up at the ceiling. I close my eyes and feel the tears slide down the sides of my face.
"We might have to up the dosage." She murmurs to herself and I open my eyes, looking at her.
"Dr. Jones, I don't want to get addicted! Or even worse, overdose. I think there are other methods than pills." I say and she looks up at me.
"I am sorry were you the one who went to school and graduated the top of her class for dosage of medicine? No? I didn't think so." She stands up and I sit up. "I think this session is quite finished." She says and I stand up.
"Please Dr. Jones! I am sorry I just don't think the medicine is helping." I say and she sets her clipboard on her desk and looks me in the eyes.
"You can't let the darkness win Emma. The past is the past, if you let it overcome your future you will end up dead on your bathroom floor." She says and I step out of her grip. "You need to try to let go of your past." She says and I pull on my coat and pick up my purse.
"I will see you next week Dr. Jones, maybe by then, we will both be less rash." I say and she watches me walk to the door.
"Take my advice Emma." She calls as I dart out of the door.
"Have a nice day Emma." Eunice, the dark haired receptionist says as I walk past her desk. I smile and nod to her and run outside and take in a deep breath. The cloudy sky harbors thunder so I cross to my car and climb in and smash my hands against the steering wheel. I drive home and pull into the driveway and cut the engine and climb out with my purse in hand. I head to the front door and stop on the stoop. I look at my threshold and my door is cracked open. I slowly open the door and my house is ransacked. I look around and then pull out my phone, dialing the police.

Author's Note

Hello my amazing lovies!!!! I am back with a new story, the sequel to My Mother's Boyfriend!!! I am getting a lot of help on this one with my best friend!!! Tell me what you think and I am happy to be back!!! So, until next time! -Cxx

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