My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


8. Chapter 7

A feeling of giddiness arises in my gut as I can finally breathe because something good is actually happening to me. I twirl around in the only girly dress I own and spin to look at myself in the mirror. What should I do with my hair? I decide on curling it and I look at myself again in the mirror. Everything begins to hit me at once and my heart race speeds up and so does my breathing. Images of Harry and Liam dead pop into my head, as well as images of my mother. My frail mother. I sit on my bed and take deep breaths. There is a knock at my door and I compose myself. I go and open it a crack, just enough to peek my head out. Louis is standing there with a white shirt and slacks, the top two buttons unbuttoned on his top. "Hey there." He says, smiling and I smile slightly and then frown. "What's wrong?" He asks and I clear my throat.
"I don't think dinner is a good idea tonight officer..." I trail off and I watch his face fall.
"Why is that?" He asks, stuffing his hands into his slacks pockets.
"I just am not feeling too well." I say and he pulls a hand from his pocket and push open the door slightly, revealing my dress.
"Then why are you all dressed up?" He asks and I sigh.
"I am sorry. It's just, my mind is going round and-," he interrupts me by taking my hand.
"We can stay in then." He says, walking in and dragging me to my bed. I close the door and follow behind him, sitting on my bed beside him. 
"Listen, I just really need to be by my-," he cuts me off once again but this time he presses his lips to mine. I put my hand on his chest to move him away but end up pulling him closer. I throw an arm around his neck and he wraps one around my waist. I can't help but relish in the way his lips feel against mine. When he is around, my worries and fears melt away. I pull away to take in a breath and he smiles at me, his lips a little swollen.
"I think you should stop overthinking things." He says and I think to myself 'oh, if only it were that easy'.
"I will try my best." I say, smiling and he runs his thumb over my bottom lip.
"Do you still want to go out? You look really nice and I would hate for others not to see how beautiful you look." He says, standing up and grabbing my hand.
"Well, I guess..." I say and he smiles.
We arrive to a small Chinese restaurant and go inside. There is two tables filled with people and the restaurant is sort of hushed. As we walk to our seat, I notice a head of hair that looks familiar but we are seated too quickly for me to get a better look. We sit and give our drink orders and then hit the buffet. We get our plates filled and sit back down. We begin to eat and talk. 
Halfway through our meal, one of tables that was taken with three people begin chattering. A loud smack comes from the table and I hear a woman begin to cry and then hushed whispers and as I look up, the people occupying the table are bustling to the door. I catch a glimpse of hair that makes me double take but I don't get a good look because they are gone. I look at Louis who is eating and I begin eating also, striking up our conversation again. 
The night goes well, we eat and talk until we both decide it's time to go. I tell Louis I am going to step outside for a second just to feel how cool it is outside and he says okay. I step outside and let the cool air hit my skin. I look around and I stop. Just down the street a man in a black hoodie is watching me, his face covered by his hood. I narrow my eyes to get a better look but he begins to walk away. As I start to go after him Louis comes outside and hauls me to his car. I don't know who that person was but I want to know why they were watching me.

Authors Note

Hello, hello, hello! I am back, I know, I am an asshole butttt here is the update! I also put MMB on Wattpad and will probably be putting this one on there too but yeah! I hope you enjoyed and until next time...! -C

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