My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


7. Chapter 6



I try to push the thoughts that were coming to my mind aside as I lay in bed, but it's almost impossible. I can't stop all of these crazy thoughts about the note and what the possible outcomes will be. I've been through enough and the last thing I need is a stalker. I sigh and glance towards the window then to the door. I also can't quite stop thinking about the kiss I shared with officer Tomlinson. I can't forget the way his lips felt against mine, how soft his lips were and how gentle the whole thing was. I grab the note and read what it says. Why can't I finally get a break?


I just close my eyes as I try to sleep throughout the night.~~ The next morning when I woke up I almost had a heart attack as I woke to see officer Tomlinson watching me from the chair he sat in. He obviously saw my reaction and smiled a little. "Good morning, I'm sorry for you to wake up like that but I couldn't sleep and wanted to keep an eye on you to make sure nothing happened." I slowly nodded and sat up. "I understand." I discretely grabbed the note off my night-stand when Louis got on his phone and I hide it in my pocket. "Are you hungry? I can go down to the lobby and see what they're serving." I just nodded, not to be rude but I wanted him out of the room. I decided to that I was going to go ahead and try calling the number even though there's red flags going up everywhere about it. Officer Tomlinson nodded and he got up and opened the door. Before he left he glanced at me. "I will be back very soon." I nodded and with that he left.


I quickly got up and went into the bathroom and locked the door and pulled my cell phone out along with the note and I typed the number into my phone. If I don't do this, it'll bug me. I pressed the call button and listened to the phone ring. I was starting to feel anxious about this after the 2nd ring, but no one answered the first time. I tried again and someone picked up after the 2nd ring. I had chills run down my spine because all I could hear on the other end was dead silence. I waited a minute before I replied. "Whoever this is, you need to leave me alone. You are gaining nothing from this." There was still dead silence for a couple minutes before I heard a very faint chuckle and the line went dead. I almost regret doing that. 


I sighed and at that moment someone knocked on the bathroom door and I screamed a bit. "Who is it?!" " It's only Louis, I brought the food up." I sighed with relief and opened the door and smiled a bit. "Thank you." He nodded and handed the tray to me and I sat at the table and ate my pancakes and pieces of bacon. Then halfway when I was done I knew it was going to be brought up. "So.. last night with the.. kiss." He mumbled and I don't know why but I felt nervous. "Why did you do it?" 


I bit my lip and looked at my plate. "I just wanted to.." He smiled a bit then got up and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. "I did to." I heard him mutter before he took a drink. Honestly hearing that made me happy. I know I don't know Louis too well, but I really do want to know more about him. "Maybe later we could go out to eat?" He asked shyly. I just smiled and nodded. "It will be safe for you plus, it'd help for me to get to know you more." Louis said and I nodded. "Tonight it is then." He smiled more then his radio went off and he sighed. "I have to take this. I'll be back soon." "Alright." And with that he left, leaving me with my thoughts about the strange note and what would happen later.

Hello! honestly I think this chapter could have turned out better but it just seems a bit slow. Christy and I both have a lot planned for this story and it will get better! Hope you'll like it. - Alex

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