My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


16. Chapter 15

"I think that's enough now Em, let's go." Louis says and grabs my arm but I yank it away. 
"What are you talking about?" I ask her, pushing Louis away from me.
"Officer, I need to go." She says, standing up and I stare at her, my mouth hanging open. 
"Louis, no, don't let her out. Mom, you are withholding information, are you telling me Liam is still alive?!" I ask and she stares at me, no expression on her face.
"Much worse." She says before quickly leaving the room.
"W-what's that supposed to mean?!" I screech, watching her flee. Tears fall from my eyes and Louis grabs me in a tight hug and I cry on his chest.
"Hey, how about I stay with you?" He asks and I close my eyes and nod. 
"Please." I say and he hugs me tighter.
"I will take you to the hotel and drop you off and I will go grab some clothes." He says and I nod.
He takes me to the hotel and I get out and go in. I go up in the elevator and get to my door and unlock it and go in. I close the door behind me and walk to my bed. "Em." I jump at the noise and look around. 
"W-who is it?" I ask, squinting but not even able to make out a shadow. Harry flips on a lamp and I gasp, seeing his face scratched up.
"Em." He says, standing up and walking up to me and wrapping his arms around me. I hug his neck and smiles, running my fingers through his hair.
"Harry." I say and pull away, looking him over. "What happened to you?" I ask and he grabs my hand.
"Liam, he-." I let go of him and cover my mouth.
"He is alive?" I ask and he nods.
"And he is coming after you." He says and I shake my head. No. No. No.

Authors Note

Hello, hello! Another cliffhanging chapter you all, I know, I am the worst! I hope you all enjoy regardless, take care and until next time! -C

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