My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


14. Chapter 13

"So he is back in town you say?" Dr. Jones says and I look at her.
"No, I said he is possibly not dead, are you even listening to me?" I say and she looks offended.
"Don't you think that's my job?" She says and I sigh.
"I am sorry, it just seems like you aren't listening." I say and she sighs.
"I am fine, just, do you actually believe he is alive? I think your prescriptions have made you feel a little paranoid." She says and I narrow my eyes.
"What are you talking about? A police officer told me this." I say and she rolls her eyes.
"I am taking you off of them." She says and I stand up.
"Don't do that." I say and she stands up in front of me.
"Are you living on those pills? Are you becoming addicted?" She asks and I glare at her.
"I have to go." I say, gathering my things and quickly leaving.
"Same time next week!" She calls behind me and I get in the elevator and go down.
I get back to the hotel and Louis is standing outside my door. "Hey Louis." I say and he looks at me. He doesn't say anything to me and I lift an eyebrow as I approach. "Louis?" I ask and he steps aside.
"Hello Em." My mom says and I stare at her. She looks disheveled and exhausted. 
"M-mom?" I ask, staring at those once cold blue eyes. They are not just tired looking, her eyes accompanied by bags under her eyes.
"Hi baby." She says and I stand in front of her, not moving toward her.
"Emma?" I hear Louis ask me and I walk closer and clutch my mom's arms.
"Tell me." I say and her eyes widen.
"What?" She asks and I feel Louis pulling at my waist but I don't let her go.
"Is Liam alive? Is he still alive?" I ask and she looks at Louis and then me.

Author's Note

Hello all, I hope you enjoy this update! Spread this to your frands! If you like this story, if you haven't read the first one then you should probably do that. So, until next time all! -C

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