How Did We End Up Here?

The new girl, 17 year old Taylor, finds life in a new city and at a new school difficult. Being the new girl isn't always easy, but once Taylor begins crushing on one of the most popular guys in school, Luke Hemmings, life for her gets more complicated than she could have ever imagined. Secrets are revealed and the need to be with Luke grows stronger as the school year progresses. How will things turn out for Taylor? Will she end up being with Luke, or will she end up being crushed? Read to find out what happens!! (Will be updating every Monday)


4. Oops!

    There we were, just Luke and me, sitting on the edge of the dock at the beach. we had been talking for hours and I was resting my head on Luke’s shoulder. I breathed him in. He smelled like summer rain and I loved it! I then lifted my head, looked over and made out Luke’s perfect, handsome face in the dusk. He took hold of my face in his soft hands and leaned in to me. I closed my eyes and leaned in to him as well, stroking my hands through his amazing blonde hair. our lips were about to touch…I felt his warmth as he pulled my face closer to his. 


    I woke with a start, glanced around my room for a moment, and realized with much disappointment that everything had been a dream. I stomped into my closet and put on my black All Time Low T-shirt and white skinny jeans with my black, worn-out converse (I really need to get some new ones. Maybe I can go to the mall with Amber on Friday). After waking back up to reality, I really was not in the best mood. After all, I still had no idea how I would approach Luke, let alone get him to maybe even like me back. As I drove off to school I turned on the radio and a love song came on. “Maybe this is a sign!!” I thought to myself as I smiled to myself in the overhead mirror.

    The day quickly passed due to the fact that I had been daydreaming abut Luke all morning. Before I knew it, it was time to go to lunch. “This is it!!” I told myself, “You know where his locker is, so just go up to him and start a normal conversation!!”

    I roamed the hallways for a minute and found Luke at his locker. No on else was around at the moment, so I seized the opportunity and built up the courage to talk to him.

    As I walked nervously up to Luke’s locker, he suddenly slammed his locker door shut, smacking me in the head, causing me to fall down. I quickly sat up, rubbing my aching head, and glanced at Luke with a look of embarrassment. He stared at me for a moment in shock, but then realized what had happened and stretched out his hand to help me up. I slowly got up and looked him straight in his gorgeous blue eyes. 

    “Oh my gosh, are you okay? I had no idea you were there! I’ll go get you some ice if you want me to!!” He quickly exclaimed in an apologetic tone. I continued to stare dreamily at him, for I was lost in the depths of his eyes. After a moment I snapped out of it and looked down. I was still holding his hand and I noticed that our fingers were perfectly intertwined and quickly pulled my hand out of his tender grip. Once again, Luke looked me straight in the eyes, causing my heart to beat faster and my stomach to flutter. 

    “Are you okay, Taylor?” He asked me yet again, more slowly this time. Suddenly, I realized what he was asking and quickly looked down at my feet, blushing like crazy. How was he so perfect?

    “Oh yes, I’m fine. I guess it was kind of my fault for standing by your locker door.” I quietly said to him. Luke put his warm hand on my shoulder and said to me in a sweet tone, “No, it was completely my fault, I should have looked before I slammed my locker door shut like that. Sometimes I take action before I think…” 

    For a moment we both just stared at each other and suddenly realizing the awkward silence, broke our gaze.

    “Hey, here’s my number” Luke exclaimed happily as he scribbled a series of numbers on a wrinkled post-it note, “we should hang out sometime!”

    With that, he winked and then turned and walked off in the direction of the lunchroom. I just stood there for a moment, watching him walk away and thought I’d cry out of pure joy! I DID IT!!!! I got Luke Hemmings’ number without even having to really say anything!! After a couple minutes of processing everything that had just happened I quickly ran (yes, RAN) to the lunchroom to explain everything that had happened to Amber. Because of what had happened between Luke and me, I didn’t even notice the pounding headache I had as I stepped into the noisy, chaotic lunch room.

    As I sat down across from Amber, a cheesy, wide grin on my face, I quickly glanced over at Luke’s table. He immediately noticed me staring and winked and smiled at me, then went back to chatting with his group of friends. I turned back around to Amber! Everything at CEH was working out just fine!! 


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