Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


5. Summer



I was sitting at my lunch table with Zac, one of my best friends, Rena, and a few other people we hung out with. "Yo Zac, Summer you guys coming to the party on Friday?" Seth, one of Zac's lacrosse friends asked. I looked at Zac and raised an eyebrow.

"You know Gwen?" Zac asked and I nodded. "Yea well she is throwing a big back to school party since her parents are gone." Seth cut in. "I don't know Seth. I kind of made plans for me and Summer." Zac said rubbing the back of his neck. I looked over at him confused, he smiled nervously. "I was gonna surprise you with these tomorrow at dinner with your family but I guess I should tell you." He said 

He reached into his book bag that was on the floor by him, his dark brown curls flopped forward. Once he grabbed onto something he turned to me with a bright smile. Then he pulled out two slips of paper. "What's this?" I asked slowly grabbing the papers. I read them. 

"Surprise." He said as I read the fine print "Oh my gosh Zac! These are tickets to The Mouse Trap. I thought you hated plays?" I said looking at him. "I knew how bad you wanted these, especially since Julie Andrews is in this one." he said and tears filled my eyes. I hugged him tight, then pulled away looking at the tickets again then at him. "How did you even get these, I've been trying for months." I said and he smiled. "After the first time you mentioned I asked my mom if she could get them and I would pay her back, that's why we haven't been able to hang out a lot lately." He said. "You're the best boyfriend ever." I said wrapping my arms around him again and kissing him. 

I looked at the tickets once more then handed them back to him. "Oh my gosh guys. Have you seen the new guy?!" I looked up at my other best friend Zoe as she crashed into the table. Rena looked at her excitedly as did the few other girls at the table. "He is beyond sexy, Let me tell you that boy is fiiine." She said sitting down and flipping her ginger hair. I laughed at their obsession over boys. Rena looked at me. "Don't look at us like that. We can't all have freaking awesome ass boyfriends like you." I only laughed more, as she teased me about Zac. 

"I don't care if you have a boyfriend or not, when you see this boy you will agree that he can have my babies any day of the week." Everyone burst into laughter at the table, including Zoe. Suddenly she started hitting Diana, who sadly choose the wrong seat. "There he isssss." Zoe said freaking out. We all turned to find who she was looking at. 

I recognized the jet black hair and leather jacket like it was a memory. "That's the guy from yesterday." I whispered more to myself. "Excuse? From Yesterday? What happened yesterday?" I turned back to Zoe and pressed my lips together. "Wait you met him?" Rena said next to me, acting just as crazy as Zoe. 

"No. Not exactly. I was on my way home, and he sort of almost hit me with his motorcycle." I said explaining Zoe perked up. "So he drives a motorcycle. He just got ten times hotter." I couldn't hold back my laugh. "Wait what? He almost hit you?" Zac tuned in next to me, worry clear on his face, I smiled. "Yea, sort of. But I got out of the way in time." I said reassuring my worrisome boyfriend. 

"So that's what your telling people." I heard a scoff behind me, I turned and heard Zoe mumbled 'holy shit'. I made eye contact with brown eyes. "Just for the record you were walking toward my bike, if I hadn't stopped you would've gotten hit." he said, He wasn't wrong in the part, but he still should've been aware of his surroundings, like I'm one to talk.

"Hi, I'm Zoe." Zoe had jumped out of her seat and reached across the table to shake his hand. "Zoe!" I said and she looked at me crazy. "What he's cute?" she protested, I heard him laugh behind me and I shook my head. "You're not so bad yourself, I'm Calum." He said. "Calum, I liked it. I'm Rena." Rena said waving instead of shaking hands.  I sat quietly. 

"Nice to meet you both, And you are?" I looked at Calum thinking he was talking to me, but he was looking at Zac. "I'm Zachary, Summer's boyfriend." Zac said, I could hear the hint of jealously in his voice, I grabbed his hand and squeezed it, smiling at him, he just looked embarrassed a moment. "So your name's Summer. I'm gonna have to remember that Blondie." He finally said to me, I looked at him curiously, something about his tone bothered me. But I brushed it off. He ended up sitting with us for the rest of lunch.

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