Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


8. Spring



Luke texted me all night and even though the voices told me to stop I couldn't help it. I found out he goes to my school and he was in the same grade as me. I finally fell asleep around 1:30 am when Luke told me to go to bed. He was sweet and nice, and cute. But it won't last. I sat in bed for a minute trying to shut out the voices, that's when I saw her sitting there. Wearing my clothes, her pink and blonde hair in a high pony tail. She was me, but she wasn't real.

"I'm just as real as you are sweet pea." she laughed. My breathe quickened, as I looked at my own face, sitting in the empty chair in my room. "What do you want?" I said lowly, she leaned forward and looked me in the eyes. "He won't be different, he will leave when he knows the truth. They all leave, when they learn how fucked up you really are." She said it so coldly. 

"Then he won't know. I won't tell him." I said getting up and going to my closet. She was standing between me and the closet now, blocking my path. "You don't have to, he will figure it out eventually." I took a deep breathe. "Go away." I said she smirked then she was gone. 

When I got to school my phone buzzed in my pocket, I pulled it out. 

Luke: Good Morning :)

Spring: Morning :)

Luke: How did you sleep?

Spring: Good. And you?

Luke: Good. Cute ponytail. ;)

I looked up as I was walking toward my school building, I looked around the parking lot, then up at the school entrance. Right there at the top of the school stairs, Luke stood leaning against the building looking at me. I smiled at him as I got closer. 

"You know that's a little creepy staring at me like that." I said and he laughed. "If it helps any, I only stare creepily at you." I laughed at him and shook my head. I walked into the building and Luke followed we talked a little bit, but eventually parted ways.

At lunch, I went to the counselors office, for my weekly meeting. I was having my normal conversation with my counselor when my phone buzzed in my pocket, I smiled when I saw it was Luke. 

Luke: Hey. 

Spring: Hi

"Who's that?" I looked up at my peeking counselor, she raised an eyebrow at me. "A boyfriend?" she asked. "No, no boyfriend." I said quickly. As if you could get one. I could hear her laugh, my laugh, like an echo.  "Why not?" she asked. Because nobody can love you. "He doesn't think of me that way." I said. 

"How do you know that?" she asked. Because nobody can love you, tell her. "Because I just met him yesterday." I said and she nodded. "Is she telling you something else?" she asked me and I looked at her scared, I knew she knew about the voice, and she would refer to her countless times. But it shocked me every time. I looked away chocking back tears. Weak. "It's okay Spring. Go to lunch, I'll see you next week." I nodded, and got up. I practically ran out of there. I walked around toward the lunch room.

"There you are." Luke came up beside me, he scared me. "You can't just sneak up on people like that." I said breathing hard. "Sorry." he said we were now walking together. "Hey Spring?" he said, I looked at him "Yea?" 

He struggled with his words, and scratched the back of his neck. "Am I bothering you? You know like with the text and stuff. Am I being clingy?" he said, he looked really worried. "No. I just, I'm not use to texting people, constantly." I said and he turned a shade of pink. "I can stop texting so much if you want, I don't want to make you uncomfortable." 

He doesn't want to be around you anymore. "I'm not uncomfortable. But if you are I understand." I said looking away. "I'm not uncomfortable." he said, I looked back at him to see him smiling. He is only going to hurt you. "Okay." I said softly. Listen to me, he is only going to end up hurting you. Stop now before it's too late. Shut up, I don't care. 

Luke slowly reached for my hand. "I really like talking to you." he said. For now. I half-smiled finally hearing the voice in my head. His face furrowed together and I forced a big smile. "I like talking to you, too." I said looking down.

I didn't see him the rest of the day but he texted me after school, and we talked a bit before he had to go. He is bored of you, and you haven't even done anything yet. I sat in my room alone and let her voice fill my head with words.



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