Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


4. Spring



I hated every single person in this got damn school. I wanted them all to rot in hell. Maybe it was the voices saying these things, I didn't care what it was though. I just knew some part of me hated them all and another part knew I wouldn't be here without some of them. 

I smiled and laughed all day pretending the feelings on my face, when on the inside it was dark, painful, and empty. After school I took my dog Bella to the vet, for her appointment. I wanted to avoid my mother at all cost, she would only ask the same three questions she did everyday. 

How was school?

Did anything interesting happen?

What do you want to eat for dinner?

Honestly it was like a routine now. She asked and I gave her the same answers every time.

It was fine.

No it's school.

 I don't care.

I knew the depression and schizophrenia was hard on my mother but at least the suicide attempts stopped. Still it didn't keep the voices out, nor did it stop the hallucinations. I had gotten really good at ignoring them, and I felt like I had a bit more control on my life. 

Once I got to the vet they practically took Bella from me. I sat down and looked on my phone. I was playing Piano tiles, when someone sat down next to me. I looked up at a blonde boy with a German Shepard. The dog was looking at me and I smiled. "You can pet him if you want, he won't bite." I looked at the boy and smiled. "Hi boy." I started to rub the dog and he started to lick my face. "Ah!" I laughed, still petting him. "How old is he?" I asked looking at the boy.

"Only 2 years old." I looked back at the dog. "Awe you're the same age as my baby sister, except you're not as bad." I said talking to the dog. The blonde laughed at me. "Yea only when he meets new people. I'm Luke." the blonde said, I laughed and shook the hand he held out to me. "Spring, and yes that is my name before you ask." I said and he thought about it a while. "I like it, it's different."  I laughed at him, I had to admit he was cute, but he probably doesn't give a shit about you, shut up. "You okay?" he said and I looked at him shocked. "Oh, um yea." I said embarrassed, I hated the voices sometimes. "Ms Kingston?" I perked up. "Yes?" 

"Bella is all done all we need is for you to sign her and that will be a 20 dollar copay." I nodded as I walked to the counter. "Mr Hemmings?"  The lady moved on to a person standing behind me as I signed Bella's paperwork and put the money on top. I turned to see Bella in the vet's arms. I grabbed my baby from his arms. and smiled. "How's my little girl?" I said and she licked my chin. 

"She's cute." I turned around to see the blonde, as a joke I flipped my hair and smiled. "Why thank you." Stop flirting it's pointless, he won't like you. Shut up. "I meant-I mean- Uh-" he trailed off he was blushing and my smile faded. "It's okay I was just joking." I said, I told you so, shut up.  "No, I mean. You're really pretty." he stammered with his words, I smiled and blushed. "Oh, uh thank you." You look so stupid. "I uh I should go." I said pointing to the door. I started to walked toward the door. "Uh hey." he said making me turn around. "Hmm?"  He looked down at the ground as the vet came out to get his dog.  "You know, um if you want, I mean, uh" he scrabbled with the words, it was kind of cute. He squeezed his face together and took a deep breathe. "Can I have your number?" he finally said. 

"Um, sure." I said laughing, he pulled out his phone almost dropping it, making me laugh. He began to hand me his phone so I set Bella on the ground and slid her leash onto my wrist. I typed my number in and handed him back the phone. He won't text you. He smiled up at me, and I half-smiled. I turned around and walked toward the door calling Bella. Just as I got through the door my phone buzzed, I pulled my phone from my pocket and saw a message from an unknown number. 


???: Had to make sure you didn't give me a fake number. :)





Please let me know who is your favorite character so far. I would love to know, each character has their own unique traits, and personalities, So I'd like to know who you like more. And CC is welcomed, I would love to improve my writing so please don't hold back on me.




All the love Mia. <3

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