5 Seconds of Dentistry

Luke, Ashton, Michael, and calum are four dentists. Lukes sister Abbie, is afraid of them since they are her dentists. She secretly likes Ashton


4. The New Intern


I was sitting by the front desk when Ash and Luke walked in the office. "Hello doctors. How are you this morning?" I smiled. "Good morning Doctor Hood." Luke smiled back. "We are cleaning Abbie's teeth on Monday." Ashton pointed on the computer to put her in the system. "Finally. Oh, there is a new intern that's waiting for you in your room, Doctor Luke." Calum pointed in the hall. "Thanks lad." I saw the head chief walk away. "I guess it's me and you buddy." Ashton walked behind the desk. "Actually, it's you. I have a cleaning at ten." I got up my chair and left. "You are a nice. You know that?" Ashton yelled behind me. 

~Lukes office~

Knock knock. "Hello sir. I'm Doctor Luke. Are you here to work?" Luke shook the young intern's hand. "Yes doctor. My name is Uriah Shelton. Nice to meet you. I want to be a dentist when I get my degree in dentistry." Dr. Hemmings nodded his head in approval. "What days will you work with me thats available?" Luke sat down in his armed chair. Uriah looked into his handbag and pulled out a schedule book. "I have classes on Monday through Wednesday. So it would be Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday." The boss puzzled, "I had a patient that's my sister. She hasn't gone to the dentist for awhile. I wanted you to watch or help out."

Uriah seemed interested in helping out. "When is the appointment sir?" The blonde boy sighed. "Monday, but you have classes." Uriah kept going with the questions. "What time? If you do it earlier, I might work." Luke liked this guy already. "I haven't made a time. That would work out!" They both walked to the door and Dr. Hemmings said his goodbyes to Uriah. 

`Back to Calum and Ashton~

Dr. Hood had a cleaning at ten with a little one year old. "Hello little buddy! I'm going to be cleaning your little teeth today. What's your name?" He nudged the kids hair. "Johnathan." Calum smiled at him and his mother who was holding him. "Hello Mrs. Iverson." He did a nod. "Hello, doctor." Dr. Hood sat in his chair next to Jonathan, and grunted. "My assistant is late. haha. I'm gunna get ready anyway." He slid his chair to the gloves and mask. "Okay, I know I'm going to be scary looking but we have to clean those pearlies!" 

After Calum got ready, he told Jonathan to open up. "This tool is to count your teeth." Dr. Hood explained what tool is for what, until Ashton barged it. "Sorry I'm late mate. Excuse my bad manners. Who is this little guy?" Johnathon laughed as Dr. Irwin prepped. Calum laughed with him, "This is Jonathon, and his mother." Ashton pulled up his mask and smiled. "Nice to meet you both. Where did we left off?" His voice mumbled. Dr. Hood hummed and explained. "So far we are counting the teeth and can you update his file please?" 

Dr. Irwin did so and went back helping Calum with the tools. "Mommy? I'm scared now." Johnathon looked at the both doctors. "Awww! It's us Jonathan." Both of the doctors put their masks down. "See baby? They are nice people." Mrs. Iverson rubbed the little ones back. Calum and Ashton put the masks up again. After that appointment was over, Luke decided to pick up Abbie again. "Boys I'm picking up Abbie again." Calum's mask was down to his chin still, "Abbie would hate you for this!"

Luke didn't listen and went towards the door.









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