5 Seconds of Dentistry

Luke, Ashton, Michael, and calum are four dentists. Lukes sister Abbie, is afraid of them since they are her dentists. She secretly likes Ashton


2. Picking up Abbie


The day finally ended and my car was at the mechanics. Luke decided to take me home, since Calum picked me up this morning. "I have an idea. Let's pick up Abbie, so she doesn't wait for the bus." Luke slammed the car door. "Oh boy. I don't know if she will like this." I laughed. "Of corse she will. She will be happy to see you." Luke smiled and started the car.

~arrived at school~


We waited for a couple of minutes until my sister came out of the doors. "Abbie! Over here!" Ashton and I looked over to her. She was talking to her friend Alondra, until she was staring at Ashton. "I told you this was a bad idea." My co-worker whispered to me. "Oh shut up!" I smacked his head. "Why are you guys here? Isn't the bus supposed to pick me up?" I saw her shaking. "Ashton's car is in the shop. So I offered to bring him home. He should sleepover tonight." Ashton and Abbie were both pissed.

Abbie hopped in the back of the car. "I'll talk to you later Alondra." She smiled at her and waved. I started the car and drove off. "How was school Abbie?" Ashton looked at me. We heard a sigh. "It was good. How was yours Ash?" I giggled. "It was horrible love. We had an emergency this morning." The poor girl didn't want to know, so she stayed quiet. I started to talk now. "Hey you guys, want to go out for dinner tonight?" I looked in to my review mirror. "But I-"

I groaned, "no buts. Lets go to Nandos." Ashton moaned, "what if we see Niall?" I looked at him. "I don't want to hear it."

~later that night~

Ashton and I went to the family room to watch tv. "I'll call Alondra and apologize." Abbie stormed up the stairs and shut the door. "You know what I am thinking?" I told my co-worker. "What is it mate?" He looked over to me while I was getting us drinks. "Abbie hasn't had a check up in awhile." I walked towards him as I heard a huh. "Do you want to do that tomorrow or Monday?" Ashton was getting to something.

"Monday. I don't want her to suffer just yet." I turned to the tv.

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