The round of life ~ C.H

New life is begin

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1. Chapter one : what the f***

Blake's Pov

I start packing my bag

New life

New friends

New boyfriend

Everything will start again






Or even myself

I have to say goodbye to my old life

I dont have any friends while im in Thailand

Im alone

Eat lunch = alone

Study for exams = alone

Everything is alone

They said im weird but actually im not

Just normal teenage girl

So finally i runaway from everyone


"Hey sweetie are you okay?"Mom ask

"Im fine mom"I reply

"Me and your dad going to meet grandma today i will be back tomorrow"Mom said

"Okay have fun"I said


Im crying i am 17 years old girl

I dont have friends

I got only my family but im going to runaway from them

"Mom Dad im sorry"I said and take my bag

I take my dad credit card

In front of the house

"Taxi!"I said


"Train station"I said

why Australia?

I dont know I wish i will be there once of my life hot guys , beaches

Arrived at the train station

"150฿"He said

[I gave him my money]

"Thank you"I said

[I walk to the cashier]

"Hey there's anything i can help you?"He ask

"Yeah i want mmm vip room to australia"I said

"I dont think you have enough money sweetie that is expensive"He said

"Oh really ? I want the most expensive room please"I said and give him credit card

"Oh okay thank you but ................"He saying somethings but im not listening because i was looking at my family photo

[He gave me a bill]

"Thank you"He said

"Uh! Your room is 928 and it taking 2 days "He said

I was walking but there's somebody run to me

[Fall down]

"Ouch! My leg"I said

There's 4 guys in front of me but there's one guy that hurt me

"Hey! You should look! I was late!"He said

[He turn around] he got brown hair brown eyes

"What!? My fault ???"I ask and trying to get up

"Ugh! My leg!"I said

"Hey let me help you"Guy with brown hair said


Im trying to walk to my room

That guy is stalking me

"Are you a stalker??"I ask

"Me?No im not !"He said

"Well then just go away from me!"I said

[I unlock the door room]

I put my bag down

"Ahhh feel like im in Harry Potter train!"I said

Why have 2 beds im alone!

There must be somethings wrong

[Someone unlock the door from outside]

"Shit!"I said

[I take a knife]

Shit ! That was him! That stalker!

"Wtf! Why are you here!?!?!"Im yelling

"Why you have that fuck*** knife in your fuck*** hand?!!!!!!"He is yelling

"Psycho girl!!!!"He is yelling

"Answer me first ! Why the fu** are you here?!"I ask

"This is my room!"He said

"Mine !"I said

"Well i will call someone who can take you out off my room!"I said and trying to call for help

Finally! That guy is here! The guy who's at the cashier

"Hey! There's something wrong!"I said

"Hey what's wrong ?"He ask

"He! This guy! Why he is in my room!"I ask

"Mmmm ms we always have to share room if you listen what im saying at first"He said

"I gotta go"He said

"Hey buddy"Guy with brown hair said

Jeez!!! I have to sleep with this guy like him!

2 days!!!

"My name is Calum Hood"Calum said

"What's your name?"He ask

But i keep quiet

"Hey just tell me .. Or you want me to call you psycho girl?"He said

"Hi psycho"He said

"Hi psycho! Heyyy psychoooo"He said

"Shut up"I said

"My name is Blake Jonas"I said

"You alone?"He ask

"Not your business"I said

"Well why you're going to Australia?"He ask

There is something on his head !

"Calum..."I said

"What?"He said

"Don't move"I said

But he keep dancing

I grap book and hit on his head

#see you next chapter


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