Killing For Love

Launa isn't your average human. She has a side that only is turned on when she is blood thirsty. But some people used this for their Advantage. But her new life she is a proxy but she has a lover who would die for her and she would do the same for him. Follow their story in, "Killing For Love".


1. Intro

Hey everyone! Lexy here with another Movella for you guys. This time it's Creepy Pasta Fan Fiction/ Horror themed. So I hope your excited as I am because I am addicted to CP and I want to express my love for it so here are the characters and enjoy!

- Lexy


- Launa

- Eyeless Jack "EJ"

-Slender Man "Slender"

- Jeff The Killer


- Tici Tobi "Tobi"

- Hoody

- Sally

- Masky

A lot of other pasta's will join in through the story so enjoy the first chapter!

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