Killing For Love

Launa isn't your average human. She has a side that only is turned on when she is blood thirsty. But some people used this for their Advantage. But her new life she is a proxy but she has a lover who would die for her and she would do the same for him. Follow their story in, "Killing For Love".


4. Chapter 3: Love Bites LEMON

( Warning: if you don't like suggestive themes or if your 13 and younger, I suggest you don't read this chapter and go on to the next one... I warned you )

Chapter 3: Live Bites (LEMON)

Launa's P.O.V

I wake up feeling tightly hold in muscular arms. My brown eyes flutter open to see EJ fast asleep cuddling me. I blushed and tried getting out of his grip but I heard a groan and I giggled.

Stay for a bit. He said pulling me into him tighter. EJ I want some foooood. I whined. He sighed and let go of his grasp on me and I made my way down to the kitchen.

WAFFLEZZZZZZZZZ!!!! I screamed in delight. MY EARS! Jeff yelled covering them. WHY ARE WE YELLING! BEN YELLS! I HAVE NO CLUE! I replied back yelling covering my ears too laughing.

Tobi brought out the last batch of waffles he made and I took on from the plate and bit it. Damn homemade waffles are the best!!! especially yours Tobi. I said while eating le delicious waffles.

Oh well... thanks Launa I appreciate it. he said returning a smile towards me. EJ comes done and sits next to BEN and I. He grabs a kidney and starts devouring it. I finished my waffles and headed upstairs to my room to get ready for the day.

I threw on a Red and Black mix hoodie, black skinny jeans, and black converse. I put my hair into a high pony tail and just put some mascara on. At least I look somewhat decent for the day.

When I walked into the bathroom to do my business I saw EJ with only a small towel wrapped around his lower half. I blushed madly and covered my eyes. Erm.... sorry EJ I di- He cut me off by pinning me against the wall and smashing his lips onto mine.

There is nothing for you to be sorry for. He growled into my ear which was realllly turning me on right now. Mmm EJ that towel isn't gonna hold up for long. I whisper sexily into his ear. He looked down and saw his towel slipping off.

He took his grasp of me again and fixed his towel really fast. We'll finish off what we started tonight. I said rubbing my finger down in his member before giggling and heading off letting him have a boner. LAUNA! he groaned knowing I just teased him.

( In The Evening )

Slender has planned for all of us to go on a group killing which will be my first one. He has the plan all down and we already know which house and which person were gonna get since we're all in teams. I'm on Jeff and EJ's team.

EJ grabs my hand. we're gonna teleport you gonna do ok? he said facing towards me as I fixed my mask. mhmm I'll be fine. I said smiling under the mask. We teleported to the house and to be exact it was a mansion. Ooo this should be fun . Jeff smirked preparing his Knife.

We all start getting in the house and made it towards the first room. to be exact it was a sleep over a boy sleep over and a girl sleep over. The more there merrier. I mumbled. I got the girls you get the boys. I said to Jeff and EJ. the nodded in agreement and we headed out separate ways.

Once I made it into the girl room with all the girls, they were fast asleep. Which one should I kill first. I said creepily sliding out my dagger putting fire on it. One of the 4 girls woke up sweating as I came towards her. Don't worry little one this will only hurt A LOT. I said stabbing her before the others wake up screaming.

I stabbed the others collecting their hearts and kidney's and wrote on the wall in their blood my symbol and jumped out of the window. I slide my dagger back in causing the flame to die off. I meet up with Jeff and EJ high fiveing them. EJ grabs my hand again and we teleport back to the mansion.

( In Her BedRoom )

I take my mask and clothes of waiting for EJ to come back since I wrote him a little note telling him something ;). I wait on my bed all in black lace bra and underwear lingerie. He come in with his mask off having a nosebleed. God damn Launa. He said trying to pinch his nose back.

What? not sexy enough. I said walking over to him putting one hand over his shoulder and the other rubbing his member. He starts moaning as I stroke it through the fabric. he grabs both of my hands pushing both of us into the bed pinning me down.

I smirked and moan as he was sucking my neck finding my sweet spot. M-m-more please. I begged him clinging onto him. More what? I don't know unless you tell me. he says leaving hickeys and love bites all over my neck moving down to my stomach.

D-d-don't tease. I said whining as he continued teasing and testing my limits. He smirked and took of his boxers releasing his long member LONG. he puts a condom over it and slides of my underwear exposing my "lady part". He licked inside all over my walls and I moaned a lot.

As he un clipped my bra he starts rubbing and playing with them as his member is teasing my lower area. The kissing start turning more passion and he entered into me starting out with slow thrust soon turning into powerful dominant thrusts. I moaned and moaned out his name while the kissing turned more sloppy and so did the thrusts.

We were both reaching our climaxes and he took off his condom and released all inside of me. I groaned and arched my back. He laid next to me both of our naked bodies next to each other cuddled. I love you. he said pulling me closer to him. I love you to EJ. I said.

Up for round 2 in the shower? I suggested smirking. Oh your on! he said picking me up bridal style rushing towards the bathroom locking it.

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