Killing For Love

Launa isn't your average human. She has a side that only is turned on when she is blood thirsty. But some people used this for their Advantage. But her new life she is a proxy but she has a lover who would die for her and she would do the same for him. Follow their story in, "Killing For Love".


2. Chapter 1: Welcome To The Show

Chapter 1: Welcome To The Show

Launa's P.O.V

I can't believe my own brother would do this! He tried killing myself in my sleep... no I don't take that bull shit! Just because I went out for the night doesn't mean I have to be punished for it like every other night!

So why not get revenge? My adrenaline is building up and insanity starts to take over. A creepy smile is plastered on my face and I feel like fire coming out of my hands, which actually starting to form.

I feel the fire starting to take over and walk into my brothers room. L-l-l- Launa.... what the hell are you doing! he screamed in terror. I'm tired of putting up with your bull shit David, now night night. I laughed creepily and put both of my hands and shoved them in his heart making him bleed and scream.

I continued laughing and shoving them deeper, his face turns fully pale and dies off. While I continued my fire I set my whole house on fire and my bloody mess self ran out of the house.

I kept running and running cause I hear the police coming for me, but then... I see a guy... a black hoodie with a blue mask no eye sockets and black stuff oozing out where his eyes should be.

He started walking up to me and knocked me out.

( A couple days later )

I wake up to a room I'm not familiar with and I see the dude again. he starts walking towards me and pins me to the wall. H-hey creep get your hands of me. I said with my teeth clenched. Chill out we have breakfast we'll explain everything down their. The guy said and put me down while walking out of the door.

I stood there in shock and walked out of the door aswell. It looks like I'm in a mansion them I started walking down the stairs and "they" were all looking at me as a rubbed my eyes. The child seems to be up. A man with a all white face and a suit says, he doesn't have a face either.

Child what's your name? the man in the suit ask. Well I'm Launa. I said in a awkward tone. Well Launa I'm Slender Man and these are my proxies, that there is Tobi, BEN, Jeffery, Sally, Hoody, Masky, and Eyeless Jack or EJ as we call him or just Jack. Slender Man said as he pointed out each one.

I see as my Kidnapper was EJ but he seems really cool. Well Launa child we have saw what you did and we are wondering would you like to join the pasta family and be one of my new proxies. Slender pronounced.

I would love to. I said as one of my toothy smiles plaster on my face. Jack take Launa out and get her clothing and stuff. Slender said while handing Jack money. Erg.... fine. He said displeased and grabbed my hand while walking out to the truck.

( In The Truck )

EJ and I started to bond more and I told him about everything and what happened. He started to talk about his past and how he became a pasta Aswell.

Eyeless Jack's P.O.V

She seems like I really nice but when I first saw her the night I knew she was more than just a human... to be honest I think she isn't human at all.

We finally made it to the shops area and walked around seeing what store she wanted to go into first. To be honest I'm not really familiar with these kinds of things.

We got into a clothing store with bunches of hoodies and stuff like that. She hurried off to the hoodie section which I'm guessing she likes. I smiled under my mask and shook my head. That girl.

( A LOT of hours later )

I had ALL of Launa's shopping bags in my hands. I sighed and we both walked back to the truck. Hey Jack I have a question for you. Launa asked with a weird ass look in her face. Yeah? shoot. I replied.

Have pasta's ever loved? she asked tilting her head. I started coughing which muffler under my mask. Well there has been a couple pasta's who have dated and ended up being together. I replied taking off my mask blushing. Why'd ya ask? Well.... I may have a crush on a pasta but I need to get to know him better. she said blushing.

( When They Get Back To The Mansion )

Launa took off with all of her stuff to her new room I'm guessing. I just walked inside and sat at the couch like usual turning on the TV. BEN walked in with some girl which he brings home different girls every night. Lord BEN when are u just gonna stick with one girl. Hoody said quietly.

Hoody why don't you just shut the fuck up. BEN said leading the girl to his room. I just rolled my eyes ignoring the drama like I normally do. Jack my office now! I hear slender call. I sighed and got up from the couch making my way to his office.

On the way there I see Launa again. Don't get me wrong but she is really sweet and beautiful, finally a friend who understands me. We chatted for a bit then I hurried to Slender's office knowing he's probably pissed by now.

Whatcha need Slender. I said as I sat down in the chair. Well I have a mission for you but I'm thinking you should bring Launa with you to show her how we doing things plus you two seem to be getting really close. he said in a tone I've never heard him speak in.

Well... yeah Launa and I have been getting really close. I said blushing under my mask. Jack... I know you like her that's why I'm helping you out. Well... Erm... thanks Slender. I said awkwardly walking out of his office.

I start walking to Launa's room being the gentlemen I am I knock and not barge in. Come in! I hear her sweet soft toned voice say. I opened the door to see her setting up her new room. The room fits her personality just right. Sweet but badass.

Well Launa it looks like you and I have our first mission together. I smirked under my mask pulling out my hatchet. Ooo! sounds like fun. she said while smirking pillow out a small dagger from her bra. I Blushed under neath my mask.

Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!

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