Meant to Be (A Marauders Fan-Fic)

Everyone knows the Marauders, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. But they don't know about us. The times when the Marauders haven't played the prank that got them into shit, we have, but we intend to go all out his year. I am part of a group, or pack of troublemakers. My name is Pitch, and I am a Miscreant...


5. 4|| Now You Know

Artemis' POV

   I frowned at my breakfast. It was four days until the Halloween dance, and a bloody full moon tonight.

"Arty? What can I do for a talent? I've got the perfect costume, but I need a talent!" Pitch whined.

"I don't know. Do whatever the hell you want," I snapped. I stabbed my fork into my chocolate chip pancakes, which were smothered in chocolate syrup.

"I'm not in the mood, James!" I heard Lupin say, sounding irritated too. I at least had a valid reason: I was a bloody werewolf: a monster. I don't understand Lupin's problem though.

"Hey, it'll all be over at sunrise," Lily reassured me. I nodded and carried on eating my mostly-chocolate breakfast. Chocolate usually calmed me down, but it wasn't working.

"Ugh, I give up!" I shouted, throwing my plate on the floor and running out the hall. I caught a glimpse of Lupin's face as I ran past: he was glaring at me like I was deranged, and it caused a sharp pain in my chest. Nobody knew it, but I had the hugest crush on him. I hadn't even told the Miscreants. And now he probably thinks I'm psychotic. The thought brought tears to my eyes, and I hid behind a gargoyle statue so nobody could see me cry.

"Why me? Why do I have to be a monster?" I sobbed quietly, wrapping my arms around my legs and resting my head on my knees. I must of been hiding for a few hours, since my body was stiff, but I didn't move.

"Why is fellow troublemaker Artemis Wolff crying behind a statue?" someone asked. I looked up, and Peeves was floating behind me. Although people say he is uncontrollable, us Miscreants got along with him very well. He was our troublemaking poltergeist-brother.

"I'm just upset, Peeves," I replied, wiping my face with my sleeve. His face looked almost angry.

"Who made Wolffy sad? Peevesy will fix it with the Vanishing Cabinet to the head," he suggested, but I glared at him.

"No you will not, Peeves. It's full moon tonight," I said. He nodded in understanding before flying off to cause some mischief. I had told him about my 'problem' so he understood everything.

"Ugh, I hate FMSing, it's horrible," I whined to myself. FMSing means 'Full Moon Syndrome', a random syndrome that the Miscreants and I had created to use as my code. Sighing, I stood up from behind the gargoyle to start walking towards the Gryffindor tower, and who do I bump into? My crush. Aka Remus Lupin.

"I-I'm sorry," I stammered, my face flushing.

"It's fine," he said, picking himself off the floor. I felt really nervous, and when I got nervous...

"Great, now I've made myself look like an idiot, and I knocked him onto the floor, and now he thinks I'm more of a psychotic freak... Oh, and now he probably hates me now..." I said to myself, starting to pace in the middle of the hall.

"Wolff," Lupin said, but I ignored him and kept pacing.

"And what if he found out my secret? He'd think I'm a monster... I am a monster. A sick-minded, blood-thirsty monster. A freak, a savage, a rogue a-a... a horrible creature!" I shouted, throwing my hands in the air.

"Wolff!" Lupin exclaimed, but I still ignored him.

"Oh, I am the worst witch in existence! What if he found out I love him? I mean, why would he love a useless we-" I stopped pacing and slapped my hand over my mouth. I almost told him about my FMS.

"Whoa, wait a minute, you-you love me? Lupin asked. I felt myself blush.

"I... uh-" I began, before turning around and running to the common room.

Remus' POV

   I watched Wolff run away, and I stared at her retreating form, before coming to my senses and chasing after her.

"Wolff, wait!" I shouted, after bursting through the Fat-Lady. She just ignored me and sprinted up the girls' stairs. I swore loudly, before looking for Pitch.

"Lily," I said, after spotting James' crush. She wasn't Pitch, but she would have to do.

"Yes, Remus?" she asked, looking at me suspiciously.

"Two things. First, where's Pitch?" I asked.

"Dumbledore's office with Black, Potter, and Patrick Parkinson after they all started cursing each other," she replied, and I suppressed a groan before continuing.

"Okay. And second, please go up to Wo-Artemis and tell her that I feel the same." Lily looked at me weirdly, but nodded and disappeared into the girls' dorm. I sat down on an empty armchair and held my head in my hands. My 'furry little problem' was seriously messing with my mood and emotions. Stupid full moon had to ruin a perfectly good Saturday.

"D'you... d'you really feel the same?" someone stammered, five minutes later. I looked up, and a sheepish Wolff, excuse the oxymoron, stood next to me.

"Yes. I honestly do. In fact, I would like you to accompany me to the Halloween dance," I replied. Her face lit up and she nodded vigorously.

"It's a date then," I grinned happily, and she literally skipped away.

Pitch's POV

"I'm back with only one detention!" I shouted, casually strolling into the common room. Potter and Black miserably walked in behind me, having been given a weeks detention with Filch, while I got to go into the Forbidden Forest with Patrick Parkinson and Hagrid tomorrow night.

"Pitch! Thank Godric you got away so lightly!" Artemis exclaimed. I grinned before explaining Potter and Black's vile predicaments.

"Oh, that's a bit harsh," Lily said worriedly. I just shrugged.

"Hey, uh guys? We have to go to Madam Pomfrey now," Rita said quietly. I glanced at the clock on the wall, and my eyes widened.

"Oh, crap. We're late! Artemis, move your arse! One, two, one, two, let's go," I exclaimed, ignoring the curious looks from Potter, Remus and Black. I grabbed Rita and Lily's arms, and dragged them out the portrait, towards the hospital wing, Artemis close behind.

"Faster, guys! Arty has to swallow that foul potion and get out before her FMS kicks in," I hissed. We started running, and as we got to the hospital wing, Rita had a full-on asthma attack.

"Madam Pomfrey!" Lily yelled, and the witch hurried over with a smoking goblet.

"Yes? Oh, oh dear," she said, handing Artemis the goblet and Summoning a small vial of light blue potion, which she tipped into Rita's mouth. Before the potion could take effect, Artemis started shaking.

"Pitch, you and Arty go so long. I'll stay until Rita is fine, and join you later," Lily said. I nodded quickly, and I dragged the shaking Artemis out of the school, into the Forest. The first beams of moonlight hit the Forest clearing we were standing in, and Artemis started convulsing violently. I turned into my animagus form: a big black dog with a large, fur-less red patch on my right shoulder, exactly where my burn was on my human form.

    Artemis' painful screams pierced the calm silence, as fur sprouted over her entire body. She ripped her clothes off with her newly grown claws, leaving red scratch marks on her back. I watched in horror as her face elongated into a muzzle and her spine lengthened into a tail. I had witnessed this transformation so many times, yet it still frightened me. Finally, with a loud howl, a werewolf stood where my best friend had, but thanks to Wolfsbane Potion, her mind was still human.

"Paws," she whimpered, catching sight if me. I let out the breath I had been holding, glad she was okay. Thank Godric I understood werewolf.

"Hey, Luna. You want to run, or catch your breath for a minute?" I asked. She collapsed wearily on the floor, so I told her I would take a quick run without her.

"Okay. I'll howl if I need you," Artemis said, giving me what resembled a smile on a werewolf's face. I took off, letting my instincts take over. I breathed in the most amazing scents, felt the soft, mossy ground under my paws, and the wind blowing through my fur. I stopped at a large oak tree, and scratched the bark with my claws. I barked at the tree, before turning and running back to Artemis.

Remus' POV

   I ran out of the Shrieking Shack and into the Forest, following Padfoot's black form. I stopped when I got to a large oak tree covered in scratches and claw marks. I looked left and right, making sure I was alone, and I caught sight of a great black dog. I followed it to a large, beautiful clearing.

"Sirius," I called, and the dog spun around, proving that it wasn't my best mate. The dog had a fur-less patch on one shoulder, and the shape was oddly familiar. I heard a growl behind me, and a light grey werewolf bolted past me and stood in front of the dog, protecting it.

"I mean no harm," I said, raising my front paws. The light grey werewolf cocked it's head to one side, almost analysing my words. I looked into its eyes and saw recognition pass through them.

"Lupin?" it said, confused, and I recognised the voice instantly, even if it had a more... animal tone to it.

"Wolff? But then, who's the dog?" I asked, staring at it.

"Guess who, chocoholic," it said, and it clicked. The patch, the attitude clear in its voice... the dog was Pitch.

"Hey, Moony, I found this boulder that looks like a-" Sirius began, running up to me, but he caught sight of Pitch and Wolff and started growling. Pitch started growling back, her ears flat against her head and her hackles raised.

"Sirius, no! The werewolf is Artemis Wolff, and the dog is Pitch!" I exclaimed. He stopped growling and looked at me, then back at the girls.

"Pitch?" he yelped.

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