Meant to Be (A Marauders Fan-Fic)

Everyone knows the Marauders, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. But they don't know about us. The times when the Marauders haven't played the prank that got them into shit, we have, but we intend to go all out his year. I am part of a group, or pack of troublemakers. My name is Pitch, and I am a Miscreant...


3. 2|| Truly Sorry

Pitch's POV

Potter dropped his Cloak, and he wasn't alone.

"Black too? What are you two doing here?" I asked.

"Well, we had a suspicion that Remus wasn't going to bed early like he said, so we followed him," Potter answered. I grinned slightly.

"So you didn't trust your best mate," I said, chuckling. Potter and Black looked a little sheepish, and then I realised, they could've heard what I told Remus!

"How much of my conversation with Remus did you hear?" I asked, worried. The two sneaks looked at each other before answering together.

"Everything." My soul collapsed. By morning, the entire school will know, and I will be teased relentlessly. Trying to hide the rare tears that were filling my eyes, I turned and ran as fast as I could. I could hear the boys running after me, but I couldn't stop now, the tears had overflowed. I passed Remus on by the portrait.

"Pitch! What's wrong?" he shouted as I started taking the steps to the girls' dorm two at a time.

"Ask th-them!" I yelled back, my voice catching on the last syllable. I pointed at the portrait before running into the dorm.

James' POV

"What did you do?" Remus asked, as Sirius and I ran into the common room. We explained everything to the werewolf, who seemed to get angrier with each sentence.

"You what?" he roared, before stomping upstairs to our dorm.

"Great, now we've upset two people," I grumbled. Sirius nudged my arm before handing me a piece of parchment.

"What is this?" I asked angrily. I wasn't in the mood for notes and crap.

"An apology letter for Pitch," he replied. "Just read it."

I looked down at the parchment and began reading his untidy scrawl.


   We're sorry for upsetting you like we did, and for eavesdropping on your private conversation with Remus. It was wrong of us to do that.


   Sirius Black and James Potter.

"Okay, I approve," I said, before folding it into a paper plane and charming it to fly into to girls' dorm.

Back to Pitch's POV

   I lay on my bed, my head in my pillow, and for the first time since being burnt, I cried. I had put a Silencing Charm on my bed so nobody could hear my sobs. Something light landed on my back, and I brought my head out to see what it was. A paper plane. Out of curiosity, I unfolded it, and it was a letter from Black and Potter. I read it, and slowly a smile spread across my face. I flipped the note over to the blank side and wrote a reply in my messy handwriting.


   Thanks for the apology, but I can't accept it. You'll have to show me you're sorry.


   I charmed my red eyes back to normal before walking to the top of the stairs. The boys were standing in the common room, waiting for... me? I threw the plane muggle-style, and it hit Black in the side of his head. They picked up the paper plane and read my reply. I smiled before walking back to the dorm and promptly going to sleep.

Sirius' POV

   James and I read her reply, and our faces fell.

"How will we be able to show her we're sorry? If we don't fix this with her, Moony will never forgive us!" I exclaimed, panicking slightly. Yes, Sirius Black does panic.

"I have an idea," James said, and we discussed this idea long into the night... she'll have to forgive us now.

~the next day, breakfast~

Pitch's POV

   I sat picking at my bacon and French toast, not feeling very hungry. Remus was sitting next to me, mad after finding out about Black and Potter eavesdropping, and I felt kind of bad for causing this argument between him and his best mates.

"Don't worry, Pitch. They'll show that their sorry if they want to keep me as a friend," he said, putting his arm around my shoulders and squeezing me reassuringly.

"I know, Remus, but I feel bad. I feel like I've ruined your friendship with Bla- with Sirius and James," I replied miserably. He looked startled that I used Black and Potter's first names, but seemed to ignore it.

"What? No, it's not your fault. You aren't ruining anything! They shouldn't have snuck after me," Remus said. All I could do was nod in reply before Peeves arrived, wreaking havoc in the Great Hall. Then, some of the suits of armour walked in, holding a giant banner, with these huge, flashing gold words on it:


   I smiled a little, but the show wasn't over. Peeves hovered over my head and dropped maroon rose petals on me, singing an absurd song.

"Pitch is sad, Lupin mad. All because of Potter and Black, who want to say they're sorry for that!" he chanted, now throwing the petals on Remus. Peeves blew a loud raspberry before flying out the Great hall, the suits of armour following him.

"So are we forgiven?" someone asked behind Remus and I. We turned around, and there stood Potter and Black, smiles spread across their faces.

"Well... when I said you had to show me that you're sorry, I didn't mean... whatever that was..." I replied. The boys' smiles faltered.

"Oh, to hell with it. I forgive you guys," I said, grinning. Potter and Black turned to Remus, and gave him puppy-dog eyes.

"Fine, fine! I forgive you too!" Remus laughed. Smiling, I turned back to my food, only to be snatched up by some strong arms.

"Hey! I was eating, there!" I exclaimed, wriggling around.

"Stop fighting me, and let James and I give you a hug each," Black whispered, his breath tickling my neck. His words only made me struggle more, I did not want to be hugged, especially not by them.

"Bloody hell, will you please calm down! We don't want this any more than you, but Remus insists," Potter explained, and I groaned, before giving up.

"Fine, but first, Black has to let me go," I said with a sigh. The arms around me dropped, and I turned to face both boys. Potter hugged me first, and I could almost picture Lily's jealous face. No matter how much she denies it, I know she likes Potter. Next was Black. His touch sent an electrical feeling through my body, and for some reason, I felt safe in his arms. I pulled away quickly, to find him staring at me weirdly. Almost as if he didn't want me to pull away.

"Can I go back to- Oh bloody hell!" I exclaimed, annoyed. I meant to go back to my food, but breakfast was over, and the Great Hall was slowly emptying.

"POTTER! BLACK! I AM GOING TO HEX YOU INTO OBLIVION!" I yelled, running after the two boys, who were sprinting away. I knew I wouldn't catch them at this rate, so I hexed them.

"Rictasempra!" I shouted, shooting a tickling curse in their direction. Potter and Black doubled over, laughing uncontrollably, and I took the chance to punch each of them in the arm.

"You got lucky this time. Next time you make me miss a meal, I'll have to eat one of you," I said, laughing, before going off to class.

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