Wherever You Are

Luke is Lyric's best friend.They both like each other a lot.What happens when Luke has to leave her to go to England? Will the never talk to each other again or will their past bring them back together?


8. you broke my heart

Lyric's POV

That's when I exploded "ARE YOU DUMB!? YOU SEPARATED ME FROM MY BEST FRIEND!!" I yelled making everyone gasp "AND YOU! YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD SKYP,TEXT OR CALL AND YOU NEVER DID!!" I yelled pointing at Luke "AND I HATE YOU!! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME YET YOU COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT ME!! I HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!" I kept yelling "I HATE YOU AND YOU SO MUCH!" I yelled pointing and Liz then Luke with tears in my eyes.My mom stood up from the chair "LYRIC CLIFFORD,APOLOGIZE TO LIZ AND LUKE THEN GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Mom yelled."No,I won't apologize" I said.I turned around to go to my room but stopped.I turned back around and walked to Liz "you ruined my fucking life" I said.I went to Luke and slapped him.He was just looking down with tears in his eyes "I can't believe you" I whispered and ran to my room slamming the door.I grabbed my lamp and smashed it on the floor with anger.I took my computer and skyped my brother who's living with my dad.He immediately picked up "Omg what's wrong?" He asked and I explained everything "I'm really sorry but he's an asshole like why the fuck does he do that? I mean he loved you" he said "you're right he loved me" I said.We talked for a bit then hung up.I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling.I looked at the time on my phone "12:32am".I went to take a shower then fell asleep.

*next morning*

I woke up the next morning instantly remembering what happened.I felt bad but they deserved it.I went to the bathroom and then got changed and went downstairs."Your breakfast" said mom putting a plate of pancakes and syrup in front of me "thanks" I said."Are you mad?" I asked "no,I'm just...idk" she said and went upstairs.After I ate,I went outside and walked to the park.I sat down in the grass reading my book.I felt someone sit next to me making me look up from my book seeing Luke."What do you want?" I asked "I just wanted to say sorry" he said "it's too late for that" I said getting up and walking to some picnic tables and sitting down."Listen-" he started "no Luke,I don't want to listen I mean what's there to say? "Sorry for forgetting about you and for lying"?" I asked cutting him off."When did I lied to you?" He asked "when you told me you loved me" I said "but stop I don't want to hear your dumb apologies" I said "then let's start over" he said making him stare into his beautiful blue eyes "no,I'm going to forget about you the same way you forgot about me" I said and walked home leaving him there.I'm mad at him but at the same time I'm sad and I just want him but he broke my heart and I just don't want to go through that again.

A/N-Hi! So I changed Lyric's last name to Clifford and I really hope you all enjoy this fanfic❤️❤️Love you all

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