Wherever You Are

Luke is Lyric's best friend.They both like each other a lot.What happens when Luke has to leave her to go to England? Will the never talk to each other again or will their past bring them back together?


6. no way

Lyric's POV

*four years later*

I woke up and rolled around in bed for while not really wanting to get up.After I went to the bathroom,I went downstairs to see my mom on the couch reading the news paper."Hi,sweetheart" she said with a smile "hi,mom" I said."Come sit down,there's something I have to tell you" she said."The Hemmings are moving back" she said making my heart skip a beat "to their old house?" I asked "yes" she said "We are going to have dinner together at six" she said "wait today!?" I asked surprised "yes,today" she said chuckling.I thought about Luke immediately.I was very mad at him because he promised he would skype,text and call but he only did that for like a week and then stopped.It broke my heart."They'll be here any minute" mom said "what do you mean any minute? That's in the afternoon and it's morning" I said "well someone was up all night watching Netflix and fell asleep at five in the morning" she said obviously talking about me "what time is it now?" I asked "it's four in the afternoon,Lyric" she said making me groan."Go get ready" she said.I got up and went to my room to get ready.I remembered again about seeing Luke for the first time in four years and got agitated.

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