Wherever You Are

Luke is Lyric's best friend.They both like each other a lot.What happens when Luke has to leave her to go to England? Will the never talk to each other again or will their past bring them back together?


5. he's gone

Lyric's POV

*three weeks later* *summer break*

I woke up and remembered that today is the day that Luke leaves to move to England.I got up and went to the bathroom to do the normal morning stuff.After I had breakfast I went to the park.I sat down on a swing just thinking about Luke and remembering the great times I had with him.A tear rolled down my cheek as I remembered when he said he loved me."Hey" someone said,I looked up and saw Luke "hey" I said.He sat down on the swing next to me."Are you done packing?" I asked wiping away my tears "yeah" he said."I don't want to go,not if I have to leave you" he said "I'll be fine" I said "no,people at school will bully you and I won't be there for you" he said."I'll be fine,I promise" I said.He kneeled down in front of me and kissed me.Just like that.I closed my eyes just living in the moment,not wanting it to end.He pulled away and I hugged him crying."I love you so much" he started "I know we're just thirteen but I love" he chuckled."I love you too" I said hugging him tighter.


My mom and I said bye to the Hemmings."Bye,honey" said Liz hugging me then kissing my cheek and wiping her lipstick with her thumb."Bye,Lyric" said Jack then Ben hugging me."Bye,Lukey" I said to Luke."Bye" he said and hugged me really tight."Come on,we have to go,Luke" Liz said tapping Luke's shoulder making him pulling away.I started crying and sobbing knowing this will be the last time seeing my best friend.He waved at me through the window making me wave back.I ran to my room,locking the door and crying.I took the picture of us in our hand then hugging it while crying."I'll miss you,Lukey" I whispered.I listened to good Charlotte thinking it'll make me feel better but it made me feel worse since me and Luke listened a lot to good charlotte when we were together.I shouldn't be so sad,he promised he would skype,text and call.After all that,I basically cried myself to sleep.

A/N:I wrote this while listening to Amnesia

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