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1. class

"so in conclusion class,..." My math teacher was talking about PI or something. I tuned him out for most of class. I had been at the same school for three years. LHS, Landrum High School. Everyone was tight since it was a small town, and most of us have been here our whole lives. I pretty much knew everyone. But there was a new kid. His name was Luke. I have had my eyes on him since this class period started; fairly tall, blue-blue eyes, brownish hair. He has this bad boy style going on. Black jeans, white tee, leather jacket, he even has his lip pierced. I look back at the board and the teach is talking about square roots now. I look back and Luke and he is starring at me, I'm wondering why and then I hear. "Stevie... Stevie, can you answer the question?" I shake my head as if I'm dazed and confussed and then say "Sorry Sir can you repeat the question." "What is the square root of PI?" Even though I had not been paying attention in class math was easy. So I said "1.772..." "Very good." I look back over at Luke and he is looking at me. He smiles. I blush then look down at my notebook.  The bell rings and I start to put my stuff in my bag. "Mrs. Oliver I will need to have a word with you." says Mr. Jones as people are walking out of the room. My best friend walks over to me and pats me on the shoulder. I smile at her the sling my back on my shoulder as she is walking out of the room. The last person out is Luke. "Stevie, you are one of if not the best student I have in this class. So I need you to tutor a person for me." "Ok sir, who?" "Luke Hemmings, he is not doing so well granted that he is new here." "Ok, does he know?" "He knows he is getting a tutor, but he does not know who though." I smile then walk out of the class. Luke is standing at the doorway, then starts to walk beside me. "So you are my new tutor." "Yeah, I guess I am." His voice is at the stage where it is hot. It is going through puberty Low then somewhat high. And I get to spend time with him now. He looks at me and says "So when do we start?"

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