Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


3. Chapter three

   Camron's P.O.V

                  Before Luke and I left for Pizza, I grabbed my jacket. The pizza place wasn't far from my house ,  so when we go there we went in and sat down at a table. An awkward silence came upon us and neither of us knew what to say. When the waiter finally arrived to take our order. Luke looked at me and said," Is a pepperoni pizza okay with you?" I nodded my head and the waiter took off." So How's the first couple days of the school year going for you," Luke asked me. I smirked and said," Is Luke Hemmings actually trying to make small talk?" He laughed and said," Do you got a problem with that?" I smiled and said," No, I actually like this side of Luke. And since you want to know, These first couple of days suck. What about you?" He tilt his head and said," Boring." I laughed and said," Of course you find it boring , you spent barely any time in school last year. I'm surprise that you made it to senior year with all of times you been absent." He smirked and said," So you been looking for me in school then ." I shook my head and replied," You just like to hear what you want don't you?"

          Our pizza soon came and we ended up almost devouring the whole thing  besides a few slices." You can really eat for a tiny girl," Luke said. I stuck out my tongue and said," Hey I'm only 5'4 !" When the bill came I picked it up with the money my mom gave me and Luke quickly grabbed it from me and said," I got it."  I looked at him and said," Since when does the bad boy turn down a free meal?" He smiled and said," I may be bad, but I was raised a gentlemen and gentlemen don't let the ladies pay." I laughed and said," Gentlemen my ass, Just because you pay for dinner, does not make you a gentlemen." He smirked and said," Fine don't believe me, I'll just show you." I rolled my eyes.

                After Luke paid he took me home where I got ready for me. In the morning I realized that I wanted to avoid Conner. I got up early and got ready, I then went downstairs to eat breakfast and try and see if someone could give me a ride. The two people I called said no and as I was abut to call more, I heard a knock on my front door.I went to see who it was and  it was the one and only : Luke Hemmings. I opened the doors and said with a cheeky grin," What a pleasant surprise,may I ask what you are doing here on what was a wonderful morning." he then replied with," Ouch , princess, that hurt." I rolled my eyes and said," haha, now what do you need." He stepped in and said," Oh it's not what  I need, but what you need. I figured since you and Conner were fighting or whatever you could use a ride to school." shook my head yes and replied," Ya that would be great.....Wait a minute how do you know Conner drives me to school? Do you want me too?" H stuck his hands in the air and said," You caught me red handed, now if you want a ride , we got to go now because I'm meeting up with my peeps." I got my school bag and returned to the door and said," I'm ready let's get this show on the road."

              when we got to his motorcycle , there were two helmets this time. I looked at him and he said," I figured since we been making this such a regular thing, you could borrow my brothers helmet so we can both ride in style." I rolled my eyes and said" Luke Darling you could never have as much style as I do."  We soon took off for school and when we get, I notice most of the kids there were looking at us. I immediately took off my helmet when we parked and hopped off. I then turned to Luke and said," thanks for the ride, Could you maybe give me one home?" He smirked and said," Anything for you princess." I rolled my eyes and said," See you in first hour." I started to walk in school and head to my locker, when I got there, I was not the only one. Conner saw me and said," Camron can we please talk about this." Rage was filling through me again and I said ," No we're done, I had it last night . It's all you want to do , and you always say never again not till your ready but you continue to do it." He walked up to me and said," Come one  Cam don't end this over such stupid thing." I looked at him in shock and said," what , my body boundaries are stupid now  Geeze thanks." I turn to walk away since I still had time to get my stuff later, but as I turned Conner grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him," Let me go Conner!" He didn't let go.

     I struggled under his grip until I heard a familiar voice say," Let her go." Conner let me g and then turned around for us to see Luke with his friends. Conner puffed out his chest and said," Hemmings fuck off, this doesn't concern you!" Luke smirked and said," Well when your hurting my princess it does." I gave Luke a death glare for calling me Princess and he winked at me.  Conner then turned to me and said," So your fucking this asshole now." I rolled my eyes and said," No, but even if I was he's less of an Ass than you." I then walked over to Luke  and said," Bye Bitch." Luke and his friends followed me as we walked away for a bit.  when I finally stopped Luke looks at my arm and said," Are you okay, he bruised you." I looked down at my arm and there was a purple hand like bruise forming. Luke took of his leather jacket and said," Here you can cover it with this." Before I could say no he already wrapped it around me. Luke's friends were just snickering in the corner and his one friend Michael snicked out loud," Luke has a girlfriend." I giggled and shouted back," At least he can get one Michael !" Michael frowned and said," You win this round Cameron."


                                The rest of the day I chilled with Luke , Michael, Ashton, and Calum.  When the end came , they invited me back to Luke's place to do whatever. I declined since I actually got homework that day, but they then Invited me to this party on Friday. I thought it out for a minute and during that time they were all chanting," Say yes. And I ended up saying yes. When Luke dropped me off we arranged for him to pick me up again tomorrow and so on. The minute I stepped in side my house I was wiped and went up stairs to taken a nape before my homework.    



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