Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


6. Chapter Six

   Camron's P.O.V

      I woke up to a buzzing coming from a phone. I looked around and notice it was Luke's , but he was sleeping. I shook him awake  and said," Your other girlfriend is calling." I raised and eyebrow and picked up his phone to see it was Michael calling. He laughed answered it. After the first minute he took the phone call down the hall. I got up and got dressed from my pajamas since I was feeling much better. After I got change I heard running coming towards me and Luke came and pick me and twirled me around. I laughed like crazy and said," Okay Tiger, what go you all worked up?"
                  He then told me about how him an the guys are in a band and how they sent a demo to a producer in New York. The producer called back and wants to hear them live , but the got to get to New York by the first week of October and stay for a few weeks. They would have to leave three days before October first in order to make it. I was excited for Luke, don't get me wrong, but that's a long time to be away from someone and technically we haven't even had first date yet.  Despite what my doubts were I showed Luke all my support. 

    After all that we chilled downstairs and even ordered a pizza. After we devoured the whole box, we started to watch a horror movie and cuddle together.  Eventually during our hour long movie marathon I needed to ask him a question," Hey Luke, when our we going to go on our first date?" He looked at his watch and said ," Are you busy right now." I laughed and said," Well, I was going to meet this really hot guy, but I can squeeze you in." he rolled his eyes and said," Well go grab a jacket." I ran up stairs and grabbed what once was Luke's coat. I walked down and as always Luke was whistling," Damn, I am so glad I gave you my jacket because you look so sexy in it!" I laughed and said," When do I not look sexy."

           We then got on Luke's bike and as we took off I laid my head on his back. After what seemed to be forever, we stopped at the beginning trail of a forest. I laughed and said,"  is this the part you chop me into pieces?" He wrapped his arm around and said," Only if you try and get away." As we walk down the trail , I felt blind. I had to trust Luke knows where he is going. After several minutes I could see a faint light and the light grew as we got closer. Eventually we turned into a opening and in the opening , the trees are covered in light. I was so beautiful and perfect, I felt like a kid again under all these lights. I looked at Luke and said," Who did all this?" Luke shrugged his shoulders and said." No one knows, but it's believed that there's a house not too far who puts up the lights." I twirled around and said,"  I just say it's the fairies." Luke smirked at me and said," Fairies, aren't you too old to believe in them." I shrugged my shoulders," maybe I am, but I don't care. We stayed there the rest of the night, getting to know each other better, growing closer. It was so magical and I didn't care I had school in the morning. Being tired for a few hours is nothing compared to this.

                When morning arrived , Luke took me to school and he skipped himself. All during the day, I could barely keep my eyes open, but every time they closed I was reminded of a perfect night. At lunch I was almost left with nowhere to sit, but luckily Conner was not with my friends, so I sat with them and informed them all of what an amazing guy he is. At the end of the day Luke picked me up for band practice . They held it at Michael's place and when we got there, they were all set up and even put a chair in front for me to sit. I was so excited to hear them play. After Luke got himself ready they performed for me and they were truly amazing and talented . I could tell they had a future ahead of them. After I heard all their songs Luke brought me home so I could rest. I kissed him goodbye and went to my room and passed out.


             Hey, updates may take a couple days because my computer keeps shutting down on me and my wifi is going on and off constantly , hopefully they will be fixed soon. Until then, thanks in advance for being patient. I would mean a lot to me to like and favorite this and check out my other stories : ) Thank you !!!!!!

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