Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


14. Chapter fourteen

        Camron's P.O.V

                                      The first month away from Luke, believe it or not, was the best. We were able to talk everyday and still been in the loop about each-others lives. He would tell me all the pranks Michael and the guys would pull. He even would send me picture of the most beautiful places he would find and we would mark them as places WE needed to go see together. At night he would sing me to sleep and I could cuddle up to his jacket pretending it was him. But as they got bigger , their schedule got longer.Our constant texts , eventually became only good morning and night texts. Our Skype calls 10 times a day eventually became none at all.We we're floating apart and there was nothing I could do. The whole updates I got were  from gossip magazines and twitter. It was like our relationship never existed.  Like no one knew me at all. The longer Luke was away, the more I felt like we are just too different. 



Luke's P.O.V

                                I was sad when Camron said she couldn't go on tour with me. MY heart felt like it was ripped out. But I couldn't stand in front of her dreams. If she wants to do something else I can't stop her. The last time I saw her was so heart breaking. For as long as I could I tired to keep in consist contact with her, but eventually I got so swamped with work, that I just couldn't keep up the pace anymore. By the time the concert was over , I was already passed out in the bus. What were suppose to be off days , turned into interviews and being chased in parks. Then we were official off the boys wanted to party. 

           Today The boys and I had a big interview and the whole time I just wanted to be talking to Camron. I was in a complete day dream, until I was asked a question. " So , Luke, do you have any special ladies back home," The interviewer asked. I gave a smile and said," Ya I do. Her names Camron."  The interviewer then said," Well, I can't imagine how hard that must be with you guys being miles part. Especially with your work schedules." I Nodded along and replied," Ya, it's been hard, but we try and talk every day despite everything." After that the conversion turned to a new subject and I went back to day dreaming.   The next day I was finally able to Skype Cam , but it was late at night 

                 When she first answered I said," Hey Princess, I missed you." She blushed at my comment and replied," I missed you too Prince."
                 I could tell how tired she was, dark circles were under her eye's, but she was still beautiful to me. " How's the tour going for you?" She asked me while fighting a yawn. I frown and said," IT would be better with you here." She rolled her eyes at me and said," Trust me , I would if I could." I smiled and said," You are so beautiful when you're tired." She stuck her tongue out and said," Bitch I'm always fabulous." I laughed and then there was a long pause between us. like there was something missing. I then heard her say in the faintest voice," Can you sing me to sleep?" I smiled and said," Alway's princess." I got out my guitar and singed a new song I wrote , called Beside you.

             By the end of the song , she was fast asleep. You could hear her cute little snores as she breathed. Before I hung up on Skype I whispered," I Love you."


 Cameron's P.O.V

                  I woke up in the morning and looked at my Laptop and saw Luke hung up on Skype. I was kind of sad. I miss waking up in the mornings to him. I had to go to school today and I just was so out of it. Every since I have come back it seems no one wants me anymore. I got dress and just skipped breakfast, I been doing that a lot lately. I then started my walk to school , since I have no ride. I didn't think my life would change this much with out Luke, but it has. AS  got  to school I was greeted by the one and only Conner. He had his back to the wall and smirked at me and said," So where's that boyfriend of your's now? Snogging off with a new girl on that tour of his." I just ignored him and said," He's not like you, he would never do that to me." I tried to just continue walking away, but he followed me. " I guess you haven't seen the picture than?" I stopped in my trail and said," What picture?" Conner took out his phone and showed me a picture of Luke at a club with some girl all on his junk. I was about to cry right then and there. There must be some explanation, Luke would never do that to me. He couldn't . He ...he ..he loves me. " That probably was nothing." I told Conner, but you could hear the panic in my voice. Conner than said," I mean , I don't want to say I told you so, but the evidence is all here. He just wanted one thing Cam and you weren't there." At those words, I ran off to the bathroom with tears bursted out of my eyes.

           When I got in, I shut my self in a stall and called the only person I trusted at the moment. When they answered, I said with a sob," Is it true, please tell me it's not?" I Heard the long pause and they said," I wish it wasn't, but he was drunk.....I'm sorry..." I was about to die right than and there...




                     sorry for the wait for an update, I been busy this past week .  Hope you like this update. Please like and favorite !! Thanks !!


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